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Monday, September 19

Body for God: My Home "Gym"

While Jerry is blessed with a complimentary gym membership including personal training three times a week, I have to be much more creative in my approach to physical fitness.  Being in good health is extremely important to me.  When you feel good and look good it shows, and it makes a huge difference in the life of a homemaker.  I have to keep all those cookie-baking, gourmet-recipe-trying, toddler-running-circles round me, lazy pajama day calories at bay, you know?

There are likely a million reasons out there for why you should get regular exercise, a few that are personally important to me are: stress relief, mood elevation and libido.  I also believe that God wants us to be good stewards of our physical bodies, taking the best care of them possible.  My cure for the no-time for a gym-membership blues is my ever-evolving home gym.  Lets talk about what I have created so far, and what I hope to gather in the coming months.

I started simple: an extra large cup of water, a bathroom towel, shorts, tank-top and Hulu.  I searched for "fitness" on Hulu and was surprised by the vast amount of choices in workouts that were available for free - streamed right off the net.  They have workouts from Denise Austen, Self and even the ENVY Girls.

Flexibility (not the kind that requires large amounts of stretching - though that is important too) is so important when staying at home with a toddler.  I have found that some days I have time for a 20-30 minute workout and other days I am blessed with a full hour.

I have been very good about not piling up pressure on rigid plan of attack, just aim for consistency - even if I can only pull off a 10 minute target workout.  I wait for Zion to go down for her nap, and then I refuse the urge to do anything until after I workout.  So far it has worked well.  On my "lazy" days, I look for a short intense workout, and on my motivated days I go for the gusto a fat blasting one hour cardio-sculpt or similar.

My most recent addition to my home gym is a set of 3 lb. hand weights.  I found my weights at TJ Maxx at a very low price.  I will eventually add a set of 5 & 8 lb weights as well.  I also have an exercise ball that we purchased when we were in Louisiana (which was great for me during my pregnancy. )  I have yet to pump it back up and use it, but I intend on integrating it soon.

In a conversation recently with my sister, Valerie, I was telling her about my fitness routine and mentioning that I was looking to get a which she offered up one of hers.  I love hand-me-downs.  :)  So I expect that will make its way to me at some point soon.  A few additional things that I would like to add to my gym include: Power90 and P90X DVDs, resistance bands and more workout clothes.

A huge dream come true would be a B.O.B. jogging stroller.  I miss running more than any other form of fitness, but I know it would take away too much quality time from Jerry, unless I could do it with Zion in tow, hence the stroller.  Currently I am nursing an ankle injury so running is not even in the question, but my mind is still set on running a marathon in the not to distant future.  Chicago 2012?

For now my home gym, which I proudly call "MILF Bootcamp Express" provides my daily dose of blood-pumping feel good fitness, and therefore I am happy to keep working it out.

One word of caution from my recent experiences with exercise - start small!!!  I tend to jump into things full throttle, especially if I am trying to compensate for a long period of inactivity, but I have learned through multiple injuries recently that it really is wise to just begin with low impact, beginner intensity workouts.  I seriously have pinched a nerve in my neck during pilates, sprained my ankle during high impact sculpting and had to cancel plans for a half marathon because of wicked shinsplints.  Injuries are huge setbacks, so do it right, start slow, easy and build from there.

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