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Friday, September 16

Developing a Theology of Homemaking

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A few weeks ago during a message series called, "Joining God in the Renewal of All Things", our Pastor Jon Tyson spoke on being on the "Redemptive Edge" of your industry.  A key example of what he meant by that statement was his description of a common misconception of how we can bring change to our very broken and corrupt world.

Pastor Tyson gave the example of placing a strong Christian in a "CEO" type position at a major cable company in order to create lasting change in broadcasting and programming.  He refuted this idea by stating that even if that were to happen, any major changes would be usurped by the demand of the masses for the very material we would want removed.  It wouldn't take long before the board of directors would send the Christian CEO packing.  

Instead, he suggested, that same Christian could get thoroughly invested in the philanthropy oriented area of the company, where he could offer suggestions where large amounts of profit could actually be used to do good in the world, therefore redeeming it for the Glory of God.   

He finished the message with practical steps to being on the redemptive edge in your respective workplace or industry.  This message really got me thinking about how I could be on the redemptive edge of homemaking.  Perhaps homemaking doesn't seem like something that necessarily needs to be redeemed, so I guess more accurately I was thinking about being on the redemptive edge of the family focus.  

Society today is not very family oriented and as most people are well aware, family units have been under great attack.  There are a lot of secular ideas, views and propaganda working against God's original design and desire for our families.  Don't even get me started on the pendulum swing of the feminist movement...I could write a novel on that alone!  Unfortunately, Christian families are often not a shining example for how family is supposed to look either, so in this sense, I am definitely passionate about pushing back against these views and being on the redemptive edge of our families. 
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These are the steps our pastor outlined to help us join the redemptive edge:

1.  Develop a "Theology" of your industry - How can you become an expert/the best in your field?  What verses in scripture speak to your industry/purpose?  What are the challenges or dilemma's in your industry?  What is the history of your industry?  What does your role look like when done for God's glory?

2.  Clarify your core values - Over what will you be willing to quit?  Give up?  What will you be willing to risk?

3.  Discuss with your supervisor what you care about - Share your passion for the industry, your values in regards to what you've learned.

4.  Perhaps be willing to pick an industry that you feel called to - You may find that your current industry is not where God would like to use you the most, or you may have to leave your industry if faced with things you are not willing to compromise on.

5.  Get involved in the philanthropy of your industry - Most companies give back in some way, find ways to get involved in that part of your industry and you will be able to influence in many ways.

6.  Be patient - Wait for God to show you your steps, it takes time to get to the place where God has called you...we all have to "pay our dues."

7.  Intra-preneurship and Entrepreneurship - branch out on your own in your industry, use your expertise, knowledge and the plan God has given you.

9.  Develop long term vision - What is the legacy you are leaving behind?  Where can you go from here?

Since hearing this message I have been getting busy with step one, "Developing a Theology of Homemaking."  To become an expert in my field will require a lot of information absorbing and so I have turned to the original source and design for homemaking, The Bible.  As the weeks progress, I will be sharing more and more of the wisdom, knowledge and insight I gain as I study God's Word and learn more specifically in regards to His design for women and their role in the family and at home.

I'm currently doing this two ways:  I am going from Genesis to Revelation, stopping a the mention of any particular woman and I am also stopping at any design note or instruction regarding women.  I hope that you will take a moment to consider how God might want to help you to develop a theology of your industry as well, and join me as I develop my personal theology of homemaking.

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