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Wednesday, September 21

DIY: Homemade Spa Water

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While visiting Austin, Texas during the Summer, I discovered a way to truly enjoy cucumbers.  I personally have never really liked cucumbers - except when pickled.  While enjoying one of the best pedicures I have ever had, I was treated to cucumber water.

It is very simple to make, basically peel and slice a cucumber into rounds, place in a pitcher, fill with cold water, refrigerate for at least an hour.  Pour a glass and enjoy.  After 24 hours, toss the cucumbers and start over.   

Honestly, this is the best way to drink water, ever!!!  Rather than buying a sugary juice or tea mix, or something with artificial flavoring, you can create delicious naturally refreshing and tasty drinks using fresh fruits and veggies.  

Click below for my latest favorite Spa Water Recipe:

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Cucumber - Mint - Lemon Spa Water

1 cucumber, peeled and sliced into rounds
1/2 lemon - sliced in rounds
A small bunch of fresh mint leaves

Place lemon, cucumber and mint leaves in a pitcher.  Fill with cold water.  Refrigerate at least one hour before enjoying.  You can refill the water as often as needed, but should replace the cucumbers, lemon and mint after 24 hours.

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