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Friday, September 16

Mommy's Little Helper, Daddy's Little Princess

Zion is growing and changing with each passing day.  We are incredibly blessed to have such a beautiful, charming and spirited little girl.  We can't help but look at her now with pure delight, even as she begins to explore her independence and test her limits.

I have found that where she used to love to follow simple commands, and as a result receive lavish praise from Jerry and I, she now gives me a little smirk as if she's saying, "What if I don't?"  In order to combat this, I have noticed that I now need to make every simple task a fun and exciting one.  This is actually pretty easy...I just ask her if she will be Mommy's Big Helper, to which she enthusiastically nods her head.  Granted, it does take sometimes 3-4 times as long to do the simple things, it prevents a melt down and keeps her busy, while making her feel proud and purposeful.

Zion has always loved being a girly girl.  From the very beginning she has loved it when I have gotten her dressed in "Prih-tee" clothes or have spent time doing her hair.  She loves to gather all of the materials from my bedroom - her hair pretties, brush, spray bottle and comb.   She plops down on my lap and away I go doing her hair.  The minute I finish, she pops up quickly and toddles over to the full length mirror to admonish herself.

To see her big smile as she looks at herself and loves what she sees, is adorable.  She appears to be getting close to the age where twirling and showing Daddy her "Prih-tee" dress or "Prih-tee" hair is a part of the day to day ritual.  We sure love our little princess, who's personality is certainly blossoming before our very eyes.

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