Monday, October 10

Faith Filled Marriage: Never Stop Dating Your Spouse

Inertia:  {A tendency to do nothing or remain unchanged.  Idleness.  A rut.}  This is where the hubs and I found ourselves after several dateless months.  We got used to not having time together as a couple, and struggled to break out of it, it became the norm.

Sure, we could make excuses to justify letting our relationship slip low on the priority list, and we certainly have.  Dates = costly, especially when you have to pay $15/hr for someone to sit on your couch while your little one sleeps.  And being away from family who'd gladly hang at your place for free…thats another big bummer.

But I don't want to focus on our excuses, I want to focus on what can be learned from our mistake of giving up on date-nights.  On September 30th, we went on our first date in probably over six months.  Our besties here in NYC offered to chill at our place and told us to "stay out late!"

Hubs planned a surprise dinner date at HK:Hell's Kitchen, near Times Square.  We arrived early to the area, so we enjoyed sipping some coffees and lollygagging to the restaurant.  Once there, we chose an outside table so we could people watch.  I enjoyed a virgin mojito and some of the best calamari I've ever had, before we were forced to move inside due to unexpected rain.

Our dinner was good, but the best thing about the evening was really enjoying the company of my husband.  For once I was not just Jerry's wife or Zion's mama, I was Courtney, again.  I was the woman Jerry fell in love with.  And I was able to appreciate Jerry as the one I gave my heart to, not just as the provider, or the father of my child.

We broke out of our inertia, forcing ourselves to stop making excuses and do the dang thing!  And I learned a valuable lesson…you should never ever ever, for any reason, stop dating your spouse.  That time spent, out of the house, with the focus of delighting in each other's company, can not be recreated through any other activity.

When you can't get out, I'm definitely a fan of throwing "Date-Night-in" where we make a romantic dinner, put on some smooth jazz, and detach from cell phones, hulu and other distractions - but I think getting out at least once a month is so very necessary.

I can hardly wait for our next date-night this Friday evening.  When was the last time you and your spouse got out of the house for a date night?  What is your favorite date night activity?

I'd love some ideas!!

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  1. Sadly date night hasn't been in a long time around here... and we are blessed to have grandparent in our town so the $15/for a couch warmer isn't an issue. I think living in NYC there would be lots of fun openings-or maybe you two could take a class together -cooking or dancing...

  2. Awww thanks so much!! You might just be my sweetest newest follower too! XO

  3. Hey!  I just found your blog!  I love it!  I think what you wrote is beautiful!  It's always great to remember to go on dates and be you.  I am glad you were able to spend time with your hubby and be yourself.  :)  Thanks so much for sharing!  I am now your newest follower.  :)


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