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Monday, October 3

I'd Loaf A Slice of Bread!

What exactly is that you are looking at?  Probably a huge mess about to be made, but hopefully not!

I am about to embark on a strange journey into the currently unknown (to me) realm of good, old fashioned bread-making.  This is definitely something I've been wanting to do for a while, but had no idea where to begin.  That is, until my very sweet friend Kristina gave me the confidence boost and inspiration to go ahead and give it a shot, by posting this simple recipe for a sourdough starter.

I didn't even know what a starter was until I read her post, well, with the exception of the friendship breads I used to receive during my short stay in Louisiana a couple of years ago!  

I don't actually have any recipes picked out to use after my starter gets ripe (is that what you even call it? I have no idea!), so I figure I have a few days to come up with something while its doing its thing.  I am hoping to have some fresh baked bread for this weekend to share with Jerry's parents who will be visiting...perhaps I am being too ambitious.  We'll see!

Do you have any good sourdough recipes?  

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  1. enjoy bread making! Don't give up if doesn't turn out the first time:) I use this recipe A LOT and it took about 5 times making to master :)

  2. Gorgeous daughter!!
    We make banana nut bread pretty regularly! So yum.. But never tried sour dough..
    I will have to look through our family cookbook to see if we have a recipe!!


  3. Definitely let me know if you are willing to share…we LOVE banana bread here. Bananas are Zion's favorite food.

  4. Thanks so much for the suggestion! I love AllRecipes...will make my way over there! By the way, I'm enjoying your vlogs! Keep it up, very encouraging! Xo Courtney

  5. ClassycareergirlDecember 02, 2011

    I enjoyed this post. Try to check this site , hope it will help. I also want to bake(not really bread but a cake) and am acting so ambitious about it that I even include it on my birthday bucket list before. Hope you can find a good sourdough recipe.


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