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Wednesday, October 12

Versatile Blogger Love

I looked all over Google to try and find the origin of this blog-chain-letter award, and couldn't find the source.  If anyone knows its history, please let me know!  I wrestled with the idea of doing this post, mostly because I'm not big on chain-anythings, and well, I see this award EVERYWHERE, which unfortunately, slightly lessens its value for me.  But, in the spirit of saying thank you and the opportunity to highlight some of my favorite blogs, I am going to happily oblige, just this once!

I just received this "Versatile Blogger Award" from Pamela ~ a SAHM who loves giveaways and reviewing products.  Thank you Pamela for being so sweet and giving me the free PR!

By accepting this award I've agreed to: 1) publicly thank & link to the blogger who bestowed it upon me, 2) share 7 tidbits about me, and then my favorite part, 3) pass along this award to 15 new blog infatuations.

{Seven} Little Tidbits About Me:

{1} There were only 69 seniors in my graduating class.
{2} I'm living my dream come true: writing, full-time wifey & mama
{3} I want to be living in a big airy beach house in San Diego, CA.
{4} My biological parents have each been married over 3x! {I am not a fan of divorce!}
{5} I have 5 sisters & 5 brothers, plus 6 brother-in-laws and 3 sister-in-laws!
{6} My favorite color is blue ~ any shade of it.
{7} I still believe in true love and fairytales.

{LOVE} These Blogs (Sorry not 15!):

{1} Passionate Homemaking
{2} Everything Espey
{3} The Longs In Italy
{4} April's Promise
{5} My Life
{6} From City Corporate to Suburb Mama
{7} A Cup of Jo

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  1. Becca, thank you for being so sweet! :) I still appreciate it!

  2. Oh no, you already did this! I should've checked the list better before making my list. Oh well, i included you in my list: following you via GFC! Have a good weekend!
    Becca (theABCkidZ)

  3. Kathy, you crack me up. I was definitely thinking of it as something to joke about. :) Maybe I'll keep a button on the side of my page that tallies how many I receive, and then I can encourage people to send them to me so we can grow that number to a ridiculous amount. :)

  4. I don't know the orgin either, and when I got my first I too was tempted to not post too, but there is something fun about getting your first, as you blog more it starts to become a joke between you and your blogging friends! But, I must say that I do love when people mention me, it always makes me smile!! I love your list! My graduating class had over 700! Must be nice to actually remember everyone! Have a great night! I will visit some of your faves!!


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