Saturday, October 29

Weekly Wrap Up

This past week started on a high note, with brunch, a little shopping and some fro-yo…but quickly downgraded from awesome to exhausting with an unlimited supply of boogie-sucks, 2am coughing-crying fits and a lot of help from chamomile tea and Vicks babyrub…thankfully, Zion is on the mend and Jerry and I seem to be keeping the "ickie-sickies" at bay.  We finished our week with good news (still building suspense here peeps), a pumpkin carving and today, as I post this, our first snow of the season, which is already piling up over an inch.

 My handsomey handsome
 I am obsessed with burgers
 Got Milk?
Fall in "the Heights"
 Bundled up sick baby
 Cookies make everything better
 Smiles for daddy
Homemade Pumpkin Spice Coffee
 Sleeping - record amounts
 Hubs looking sharp at work
 More pigtails…I can't resist
Jerry's first ever pumpkin carving
 Success! Pretty good for a first time!
 First snow of the season! In October…in NYC!
Funny faces with Daddy

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  1. I love linking up with you…and always great to meet another Courtney! :)

  2. Nothing elaborate for this pumpkin spice coffee…just special flavored creamer a little whip cream on top and cinnamon/sugar sprinkles. :) Thanks for stopping in. :)

  3. Goodness, your little girl is so cute! Sorry to hear she is sick. :( great pics! Thanks so much for linking up this weekend!

  4. Hi,New follower from the blog hop please comes follow me back :)

  5. looks like a great week! i need a recipe for pumpkin spice coffee. :) love zion's piggy tails.


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