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Tuesday, November 29

All Things Shall Be Added {& tommee tippee monitor review}

One of my very favorite Bible verses is Matthew 6:33:
But, seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.
It is taken from a passage of scripture that specifically addresses the very natural tendency we have as human beings to be worried about our next meal, the clothes we have, basically our necessities as well as our need for material possessions.  It explains that as long as we are truly seeking God, putting Him first, all of our needs will be met.

I've been in many seasons of life so far, some where I lacked little, others where I lacked much.  In fact, our little family is just starting to come out of a season of lack.  I shared a little encouragement about going through these seasons here.  We are not in a place where we can go out and get whatever we need when we need it, we are on a tight budget and plan our purchases accordingly.  So what happens when something breaks or a new need presents itself?  Usually, there is a waiting period, but sometimes, God shows up in unexpected ways to give us better than what we need.  I'd like to share a story about that with you today.

I was excited to receive an email a few weeks ago from the MomBloggersClub inviting me to a tommee tippee event here in NYC.  I'd heard of the brand and remembered that it was popular overseas.  Having not been terribly satisfied or able to be picky at the time I was pregnant with Zion, I was very interested in learning more about their product line, curious to see what they had to offer.  The best part…Zion was welcome to join me (encouraged even).

The event itself was exceptional.  I had a fantastic time, and really enjoyed getting to see everything they offer, plus learn the concept and background behind the design of each product.  I was amazed at everything I learned and instantly knew why parents were all abuzz about the brand.  I could go on and on about the professional brand managers at the event, and how they were genuinely passionate about the products.  Click here to learn more about the history of the brand.

Then something incredible happened, I was generously given the new closer to nature: Digital Video Sensor Pad Monitor to review.  Why is this so incredible to me?  Well, as I was saying earlier, things that get broken around our home right now, tend to be put on a waiting list, this includes a baby monitor we borrowed from my sister, that barely survived its last trip across the country with us.  We were in need of a working monitor, but I knew this would not make it on the list of purchases for quite a while.  God met our need, unexpectedly through this blog!

I started this blog with a desire to get back into writing, and to have a place to share about our family that wasn't Facebook (no offense Zuckerberg!).  I wanted to have a creative outlet and possibly bring visibility to my talent as a writer, in preparation for more serious writing opportunities.  I also considered the possibility it could benefit our little family with fun opportunities here and there, but I didn't realize it would be so soon or that God would use it to meet our needs.

We've been using our new monitor for a few weeks now, and I have to say that I LOVE IT!  Being that Zion is 18 months, I am not using the sensor pad, but the video monitor itself is of excellent quality.  A few of the key features that I am particularly won over with are:
  • Talk Back (not to be confused with backtalk!) - I can push a button on the parent unit and talk to Zion.  This helps me a lot! Especially during nap-times when I can see she is walking laps around her crib. Most the time I just say to her, "Zion, please lay down and go to sleep now" and she looks at the monitor and flops down in her bed and into sleepy time.
  • Temperature gauge - Zion's room is small and tucked away from the major air flow of our apartment, often getting stuffy…I love that any time I check on her via the parent unit I can see how warm or cold her room is without physically going in.  Any one who lives in a NYC apartment has probably experienced how rapidly the gas heaters can go from toasty hot to frigid cold…and would benefit greatly from this feature.  
  • Adjustable Sound Sensitivity - Zion sleeps with a white noise machine on every night, plus currently (due to a constant barrage of colds) a humidifier, and sometimes a window fan as well.  I was worried that the parent unit would stay on indefinitely and we'd be stuck sleeping to the sound of ocean waves, or hum of the humidifier in our room as well.  This is not the case…the parent unit only activates when there is a change in the environmental sounds.  I'm like, "woah! How does it do it!?"  I only hear it come on when Zion is coughing, crying or talking, or clearly moving around awake.  
The image quality is standard to what most modern monitors on the market have, although the LCD screen on the parent unit is quite large in comparison.  The baby unit has an adjustable nightlight that can be controlled remotely from the parent unit, making it easier to pop in for a check up mid-evening without disturbing a sleeping toddler.  Another noteworthy mention is that I have kept the parent unit off the charger all day a few times and have yet to have the battery die on me, something that thoroughly annoyed me about our previous monitor.

There are a couple of things that I think could make this monitor close to perfect: First, a time display on the parent unit…I would love to be able to see the time right on the LCD display instead of having to reach for my phone in the middle of the night when Zion wakes up.  And second, the baby unit, while able to fit on a standard camera tripod, is not set up to be mounted on the wall…which means a birds-eye view is not really an option.

I am really thankful that I was able to attend the tommee tippee event, and blessed that God has been opening doors for me as I continue to pursue my passions as a mom, wife and writer.

Have a story about God providing for you in unexpected ways?  I'd love to hear it!

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I was given the tommee tippee - closer to nature: Digital Video Sensor Pad Monitor to review.    Opinions expressed in this post are completely mine.  
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