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Monday, November 28

"Pinning!" {Wk. 3} Dear Santa

For Zion:
1. Cabbage Patch Toddler (aka Zion Look-a-like) 2. Veggie Tales Library 

For Jerry:

For Me:

Did you finish your holiday shopping? Have you been Naughty or Nice?  

THANK YOU for Linking up last week…

The Award for Pinning-Est goes to:

Kimberly at From A to Sneed, for this candy-licious collage:

Grab the button for bragging rights!

Other Pins I loved:
Kristina from City Corporate to Suburb Mama pinned this simple ornament decor idea:
Sara from Seeing Purple Stars pinned these gorgeous legwarmers:

What are you pinning this week? 

Are you "Pinning"?  
Come on, everyone is doing it.  
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After all, together we are "Pinning!"

This Week's Theme: Dear Santa
Next Week's Theme: Winter Whiteout
Week After's Theme: All that Glitters (Holiday Party Fashion)

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  1. Kimberly SneedNovember 28, 2011

    LOVE the iPhone lenses! i didn't even know those existed! great list! :)

  2. This dollhouse is amazing! Oh, and we have the Kokopax! Luv it!!


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