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Thursday, November 17

Someone should slap that Murphy guy who came up with that law...

Hey Friends!  It has been an exceptionally challenging week!  Remember how Zion was JUST sick?  Right as she was nearing 100% (99.99% to be exact) she caught another cold!  For all of you that utilize daycare and have to deal with plague after plague of cootie-sharing, let me just tell you, the endless string of viral replication isn't limited to kids in daycare…Zion is with me full time, but here she is sick yet again.  Thankfully she is on the mend (again) but it has been a draining week.

I've been going a little nuts because I actually took the time to schedule my writing this week.  I thought out my posts in advance, had a plan…you know…the perfect ingredients for Murphy's law to wreak havoc.  So here I am, (not going to apologize) way behind schedule on posts this week.  I've had a lot of exciting things happening which have actually, for the first time in my writing career, caused me stress!  I believe a little bit of stress, handled appropriately, is good for a person, but it is still stress and I am in need of a long hot soothing bubble bath, or maybe a weekend staycation where I can swipe up the laptop and high-tail it to a place of solitude for a writing intensive?

I'm not likely to get either as the big feast quickly approaches and I will be preparing my first ever Thanksgiving dinner for our family with a bunch of new recipes.  Thank God for Martha Stewart online because I will be following her every instruction.  There’s no time for online cooking classes! I'm terrified of shopping for this holiday…and then figuring out some sort of timing grid so I can keep track of all of the dishes.

This morning I am counting down the minutes until nap time so I can get some work done, did I mention that I have a mom's Bible study coming to my place tonight?  Or that next Tuesday I have to have all of my backpacks and supplies together for the MacDella Cooper Academy in Liberia, Africa?  Or the fact that I totally got confused about the Tumblr Parents meet-up being on Friday Saturday? And while that is in Brooklyn I have a 1st Birthday to attend the same day immediately after on the UWS?  I'm thinking back to this fun little graph once posted on Mammalingo's blog…and it is the story of my life at present.

I'm exploding with exciting stuff to share…Zion's first trip to the Zoo, Weekly Wrap Up, Top 5 Software to get NOW with BONUS Top 5 Apps, Zion's 18 month update, Pinning Wk. 2!, Recipes from Mama B's Kitchen, A review of an AWESOME new baby monitor, and TOMORROW…a special chance to win featured ad space in December on Life with the Baxtrons!  Wheeeew!  Just writing all that is overwhelming!  Get ready!

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