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Thursday, November 17

Wordless{ish} Wednesday on Thursday: Zoo Edition

Last Saturday, Jerry and I decided to take Zion to the Central Park Zoo for the first time.  We'd been planning it for a few days, and the excitement (for me) was almost too much to contain.  I tried desperately to squelch my delightful anticipation in fear that I would over-hype the experience in my mind, and then suffer from disappointment if Zion wasn't as thrilled about it as I'd hoped.  She. LOVED. It.  It was a total blast.  It was a stunning fall day and I'm glad we decided to take the time to walk through Central Park on our way…the leaves in red, orange, yellow and brown were a sight to behold.  We entered the Zoo greeted by this black bear sculpture.  Zion was especially fond of the Polar Bear, exclaiming proud little "Grrrrr"'s at it, followed by her rendition of Go! Diego! Go!  Apparently she associates all of the animals at the zoo with Diego.  Another highlight of the adventure was when a large wild bird flew right over us in the tropic zone.  We snapped a couple pictures of the animals, but neither Jerry nor I wanted to miss out on her reactions to each new exhibit while fumbling for the camera.  We finished off our visit by playing with the plush toys in the "Zootique" and then a quick bite to eat before heading home to relax and store up the treasures of her first trip to the zoo in our hearts.


Red Pandas

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  1. TigerEyes2001November 20, 2011

    Great pics! She's beautiful :) Hi! New follower from the Sundae hop! I hope you'll stop by and follow back! Thanks :)  Through the Eyes of a Tiger

  2. It really is! :) I have to admit I haven't really made an effort to frequent it during the cold seasons, but I've definitely been missing out!

  3. Central Park is so pretty in the fall.


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