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Thursday, December 22

19 Months + VLog + January Ad Space Giveaway!

I have been meaning to do this for a while now… I apologize for the quality, I've not spent much time venturing into iPhone-cinematography.  This is part 1 of a very adorable two part video of Zion speaking out of her current vocabulary.

And now for a 19 Month Update!

Little lady…you are barely a babe anymore.  I watched as you carried on with your daddy today, I couldn't believe how you actually participated in placing the little candy eyes and buttons with care.  How did you get so smart and so advanced so quickly!?  

Things you love right now:  "Super Why!", Oatmeal, iPad/iPhone, Dancing, Singing (especially songs with hand motions), Turning Lights Off/On, Pretending with Elmo, String Cheese, Counting to 10, The ABC's, and any trips outside to watch people.

Your first memorable holiday experiences have you charmed for: the Christmas Tree, Presents, Christmas Carols, Hot Cocoa, Egg Nog, Apple Cider and fun holiday treats.

As I sit here writing this, you and your daddy have headed out for a movie date to see "The Muppets."  We have no idea if you will like it, be able to sit still with it, or even enjoy it, but we thought we'd test it out, since your daddy and I love going to see movies.

Happy 19 Months little lady,
Love Mama Mommy

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  1. Carly SkinnerDecember 22, 2011

    Those gingerbread men look delicious! Can't wait to experience the holidays with a little one.

  2. Love the pictures. Honestly, my biggest goal for 2012 is to move out of state. We've been living in our current state too long and are ready for a change! It feels like we can't reach our goals- buying a house, having another baby, getting a better job, until we move.

  3. Surprisingly the gingerbread man was not tasty at all. LOL. I tell you, so far Christmas has felt totally different with a toddler. I'm loving it!! She is in wonder about everything!

  4. Where are you looking to move? Sounds super exciting!!

  5. So precious!! Biggest goal...keeping my daughter with special needs as healthy as possible.

  6. My biggest goal is getting "together" again - mentally, physically, emotionally and domestically - I've been kinda a mess this year.

    That gingerbread man is so cute! What a brave daddy to take on such a messy project :) You sure have a beautiful family!

  7. I moved to Kansas almost 10 years ago now to go to grad school and never expected to stay this long! We would like to move to Tennessee (Nashville). I lived in Memphis for a bit and really loved it but can't convince the hubs to move to someplace so urban, so Nashville was a compromise!

  8. I like Nashville. My sister used to live in Hopkinsville, KY (an hour or so outside Nashville.) I hope you get your wish and you have a fantastic move this year! :)



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