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Tuesday, December 13

Meet My Friends!

These ladies are absolutely fantastic!  I'm honored to introduce you to each of them, and know you'll love getting to know them as much as I have! :)

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Right after my daughter was born, I found myself calling her "pretty little baby" or "pretty little girl". Eventually all of the cute nicknames got shortened. I simply called her "Pretty Little". And you know what? That nickname fit! Not only is she pretty, but she's also pretty little! That's how I chose a name for this blog, and "Pretty Little" almost found it's way to my wrist in the form of a tattoo......This blog is where you'll find writing about our daily life, complete with milestones big and small. I also post a lot of photos, and I love making bloggy friends and enjoy a good link-up every now and then. I love big, and take note of all the little things in life.....those are usually the most important! I hope you'll stick around and get to know us a little. Welcome to our Pretty Little Life!

My favorite Holiday tradition is my family's Christmas Eve get-together. My dad's side of the family comes together and it's always a good time! I love seeing my cousins, who range in age from 5-35. And now we have lots of little ones to add to the mix.....seeing my cousin's child play with my own is mind-blowing. These are the memories I want for myself and my daughter. It's the simple things that make Christmas Eve special to me: family, our menu of German meats and cheeses (even if we have to commute hours to find the perfect little shop that still sells these delicacies), singing Christmas carols, and listening to the Christmas story. Just thinking about it makes me all sorts of warm and fuzzy.

The best thing about being a mother is that I've finally found my reason in life. It's purpose and a reason for living, all rolled into one!

Hi, I'm Joanna from over at Brock Paper Scissors! Wife to handsome sailor, Dan; mother to Nico and Lola. I'm working girl turned stay-at-home mom and military wife. Join my adventures in raising a witty, rambunctious toddler, his equally adorable baby sister and everything in between.

My favorite holiday tradition is how we spend the day after Thanksgiving! We put up the tree, listen to Christmas music and watch Christmas movies all day long. This really gets everyone into the Christmas spirit and pumped for the holiday! It's pretty much the shiz!

There are so many great things about being a mother, but probably my favorite thing? Is living life again, through the eyes of my children. They get so excited about everything, which in turn, excites me. I know it sounds cheesy, but it's really magical.

I'm wife to a wonderful and supportive husband and mami to 3 wonderful little kiddos, 5 1/2, 3 and 9 months. I left the NYC corporate world when my baby was born to become a stay-at-home mom and my life has never been more full of adventure! My life-long desire to is to draw closer to the heart of my Heavenly Father and be the wife and mother he has destined me to be. We have recently begun a Traditional Food/Real Food journey with more of a focus on whole body healing and organic living. The things I post here on my blog are my opinion only and what work for our family based on research and learning that I've done. 

My favorite holiday traditionthe day after Thanksgiving we always go out as a family (with extended family) and pick out our yearly ornaments. The kids all get a new one and we write names and the year on them and then each year as we decorate the tree, we get to sit back and remember how each one was obtained and why we picked that one. This year we're making our ornaments to make it a bit more fun. So excited about it! 

My favorite part about being a mother: The unexpected moments when cherished memories are made or sweet lessons are learned. It usually happens when you least expect or the least amount of planning has happened and I treasure those moments in my heart as a mother, knowing that all too soon, my babies will be all grown up

I have been making my Beenana Bread for over 20 years, and it has seen more states then I have! I make by hand using only a potato masher, and a wooden spoon! Consistency is key, so I never vary from the main ingredients, and will make to order, I have made it so that those allergic to dairy and nuts can enjoy!

My favorite Holiday is Christmas….I love the music, and buying and or making of gifts. I love sending Christmas Cards, and buying the kids each an ornament that represents them or their interests at the time.

The best thing about being a mother? Is watching your children grow, I have 4 ages 18 to 30, and they are so independent, yet even if I don’t see them or talk to them for a few weeks, when we catch up its so much fun! I might not agree with what they say or do, but I give them room to make their own mistakes, and learn from them.

So glad to have each of these fantastic ladies in my life…and hope you will stop by and introduce yourself today! ;)


  1. I love this! It is so wonderful to meet all of you. I love when people stick together and make things work, I wish success to you all! 

  2. :) Thank you Lisa, so much, for stopping by! And your encouragement!


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