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Saturday, December 24

Sneak Preview Saturday!!


Welcome to the last sneak peek before the full redesign goes live next weekend!! I am really excited to share today's preview, because it reveals my goals and heart for this blog in 2012. Today I present to you the regular "series" line up for 2012. Some things will continue, but as you will see I have some exciting plans for this coming year.

Previously known as the "Weekly Wrap Up", I will continue to share a weekly summary of our Baxtron{Life} with lots of pictures of our activities and {of course} Zion!!

I've decided to merge my "From Mama B's Kitchen", "Recipes of the Week", "What's for dinner?" posts into one series that encompasses all food topics.  I'm not sure that I will post weekly meal plans anymore, but I will definitely continue posting recipes.

"Pinning!" will continue and {hopefully} grow into an even greater Pinterest Linky event, hopefully with giveaways and other fun prizes for the "Pinning-est" ladies on the web.

Until I had Zion, I always had a flat stomach.  Not anymore.  It is {sadly} official, I have a muffintop.  But, I plan on BLASTING it away this year.  Hopefully before I conceive baby number 2.  

This is a continuation of the same named series.  I believe strongly that in a time when Marriage is suffering so greatly in so many ways, people need honest, thoughtful encouragement in this area.  I'm committed to growing a stronger marriage, and so I will continue to share what I learn with you.

God has put a deep burden in my heart for the children of Liberia, a war-torn country in West Africa that is full of orphans who are in desperate need of love and hope.  I have no idea at this moment what God wants me to do, but I invite you to follow along in the adventure as He reveals His will for me {us} in 2012.

This new series is going to be a monthly or semi-monthly interview/post about a woman in my life that inspires me.  There are really so many of them, I cannot wait to introduce each one to you!!

And finally, the scariest series of my life.  The pure, unscripted truth about my life.  I have been through a lot in a very short time on this planet, and I believe {just like each of us} I have a story to tell.  This is where things get real about who I am.

I can't wait to kick off each of these series in the new year!

Merry Christmas Eve to you all!!



  1. Sounds great!!! I'll be tagging along to read all of your sereies for sure :) I've got some fun changes coming up on my blog too...the whole New Year things always inspires change!!! Merry Christmas, love your card too :)

  2. Merry christams and happy new year!

  3. Thanks! I look forward to seeing your fun changes! And happy to be a reader and have you as an enthusiast! :)

  4. Looking good.. hope it is what you are wishing for and always evolving.. Love you guys

  5. Love you too!! Miss you guys! :) Wish we could be there with you!


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