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Friday, December 9

{Top 5} Productivity Software for Homemakers/Bloggers/Writers/Everyone

Time is of great worth to me at this point in my life.  I've always had a "Type-A" personality, but with an 18 month old I've definitely been forced to learn how to be flexible, patient and adaptable.  I'm going to let you in on a (not very secret) secret.  {I'm a closet geek.}  Well, actually, I've been out of the closet with my geekiness for a while.  I like computer games, the full blow online fantasy RPG kind.  (If you don't know what that means…its okay…probably better for the both of us.)  Anyway, this edition of my Top 5 (is not about gaming) highlights the software/productivity programs that make my life easier to manage.

I'm not getting any kickbacks here, folks, just sharing the secret weapons of household/life/sanity management.

{5} G-what what! Google---mail, calendar, analytics, talk, voice, plus…you name it.  I love it for my personal account as well as my professional.  I love the calendar sharing, the way it is streamlined and easy to use.  Fantastic.  If it bears the Google name, I'm likely to use it.  Sad, but true!

{4} iPhoto/Picnik - I was once a PC elitist…but now that our household is outnumbered by Macs 5:1, well, I've become sort of infatuated with anything that bears the Apple emblem (who isn't seriously!?).  I love iPhoto for organizing my albums and swiftly
uploading.  It definitely doesn't have the editing power of other
programs, so that is where Picnik comes in.  Free to use, but worth paying the $25/annual fee for the premium features.

{3} Spotify - Okay, yeah, it isn't technically a "productivity" program…but I feel like everything in life can be better experienced with a good soundtrack.  I'm LOVING Spotify and have tried premium…and plan on subscribing in the near future.  I don't know how what they do is legal, but I love that it is!

{2} - As far as free goes…this is probably the best financial software you can snag up without spending a dime.  Manage your accounts, track your budget, and set goals.  I really enjoy looking at the pie charts at the end of the month to see where our cash is going.  Can be very eye-opening!

{1} Evernote - As a writer…I use this for EVERYTHING.  I mean everything.  When I save blog posts that I enjoy (recipes, diy, tutorials, etc.) in my reader, I go back through them and clip whatever specific details I want saved to my Evernote.  I am then able to make notes, and organize everything.  I can't even begin to tell you how useful this program is to me.  I add writing ideas and inspiration, keep track of passwords, take notes during church services.  And the best part (besides that it is FREE!)?  It syncs with all of my mobile devices.  Seriously amazing program.

Do you have any secret weapons for managing your household/business/life?

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  1. dotinthecityDecember 09, 2011

    Love this list, Courtney! I use Google everything too...I don't know if I could ever switch from an Android phone to iPhone b/c of my G-love! Evernote has also saved my (blog) and (work) life more than once! 

  2. I was a pc/android person for a long time…but after having a macbook, ipad and iphone I'm not sure I could go back! :)


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