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Tuesday, December 6

Welcome Carly of Texas Love Birds!

Hello Life with the Baxtrons readers! My name is Carly and I write over at the blog Texas Lovebirds. I was so excited to win Courtney's amazing giveaway of the extra large feature and ad, and I am so excited to be posting here today.
I live in Texas (hence the blog name) with my husband, our two dogs (a Great Dane and a Boston Terrier), and we have a little boy named Gunner on the way. Texas Lovebirds started as a blog of "Dear Peanut" letters to my son and soon became a way for me to document my beautiful life. I still write my "Dear Peanut" letters, but you'll also see posts about my random thoughts, our daily life, crafts, recipes, and much more.

Courtney gave me lots of great suggestions of what to write about in my feature post, so instead of picking just one or two, I thought I'd briefly address them all.

What's your six word memoir (read more about six word memoirs here)? "So called youngins, so in love." I haven't written about it on my blog (yet), but Cody and I are "young." I'm 22, he's 25. We've been married for two and half years, and like I said, we have our first child on the way. We were so ready for marriage and we are now so ready for a child, but that doesn't keep others from judging. I feel like Cody and I can live our lives as a strong example of "youngins" who are living and loving in the greatest way.

The best thing about being a wife or a mother?Since I'm not "officially" a momma yet, I'll go the wife route. For me, one of the best things about being a wife is serving my husband. I must admit, it's something I just recently found the joy in, but I really love it. I'm so thankful that God has begun to create this servant heart in me. It brings a smile to my face to get out of bed a few minutes before Cody and make him a pot of coffee. I truly believe in the calling of service and really enjoy partially fulfilling that calling with my husband.

How do you maintain your "self" while flourishing as a wife/mother/any other role? I again went the wife route with this question...for me, this is a tough one. My husband is my best friend and we enjoy so many of the same things (football, Sons of Anarchy, The Hunger Games book series, etc.), plus his work schedule at the fire station already makes our time together limited...thus, maintaining my "self" is definitely something I could work on, and something I've really thought about lately. Blogging is really a me thing and I try to make time to just be by myself with a cup of coffee and my thoughts...I know I need more though, any suggestions?? I'd love to hear them!

If you could change one thing about today (about anything), what would it be?I think I'd have to change the society and culture that kids are growing up in today. Sure, I know it's a big task, but the question said anything. There's so much to be worried about...idolization of reality TV stars, girls starving to be a size zero, the willingness to do anything for money... Man, oh man.
If you've made it through this entire post, thank you so much for reading. Again, thank you to Courtney for giving me the opportunity to post. I really enjoyed sharing my thoughts and I'd love for you to stop by my blog and say hi! Leave me a comment or email me if you have a blog you'd like me to check out, I'm always looking for new reads.

Below are just a few places you can find me and one way you can contact me:

Love to all, Carly

Carly, I'm thrilled to have "met" you through this giveaway and I'm very excited to watch your adventures unfold as a new mother!!  Lovely readers, be sure to visit Carly at Texas LoveBirds to say hello! XO, Courtney

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