Saturday, October 29

What's For Dinner? Menu 10/29-11/4

This week I plan on trying out a few recipes from blogs I read…you can visit the recipes by clicking any links below.  :)

Sat.10/29Cinnamon Rolls, FruitCouscous w/ChickpeasSpaghetti (My Recipe)
Sun.10/30Pancakes, Eggs, BaconLO Spaghetti or CouscousLentil Soup w/Artisan Bread (My Recipe)
Mon.10/31Granola w/YogurtLO Lentil SoupRosemary Lemon Chicken Bake
Tues. 11/1Muffincup FrittataLO Chicken BakeThai Curry Soup
Weds.11/2French Toast LO Thai Curry SoupYogurt Chicken Breasts, Rice & Veggies
Thurs.11/3Granola w/YogurtLO Yogurt ChickenBroccoli Cheese Soup
Fri. 11/4Eggs, Sausage, ToastLO Broccoli SoupCajun Chicken Pasta

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Weekly Wrap Up

This past week started on a high note, with brunch, a little shopping and some fro-yo…but quickly downgraded from awesome to exhausting with an unlimited supply of boogie-sucks, 2am coughing-crying fits and a lot of help from chamomile tea and Vicks babyrub…thankfully, Zion is on the mend and Jerry and I seem to be keeping the "ickie-sickies" at bay.  We finished our week with good news (still building suspense here peeps), a pumpkin carving and today, as I post this, our first snow of the season, which is already piling up over an inch.

 My handsomey handsome
 I am obsessed with burgers
 Got Milk?
Fall in "the Heights"
 Bundled up sick baby
 Cookies make everything better
 Smiles for daddy
Homemade Pumpkin Spice Coffee
 Sleeping - record amounts
 Hubs looking sharp at work
 More pigtails…I can't resist
Jerry's first ever pumpkin carving
 Success! Pretty good for a first time!
 First snow of the season! In October…in NYC!
Funny faces with Daddy

I'm linking up with all these fantastic peeps today!

life rearranged

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Thursday, October 27

Sick Days

Zion picked up a nasty cold virus and has been feeling quite down in the dumps for the past several days. I just want my happy little girl back.  Instead this is what every day has looked like this week:
And Elmo has been her constant companion through it all.  My poor baby, get well soon, please!

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Wednesday, October 26

Top 5: "Nails-on-Chalkboard" Blogging Peeves

Okay, seriously…as a contributing editor and fellow blogging community member, I read/follow several hundreds of blogs…yes hundreds.  When you commit to being a part of the blogging community it is not just about people reading your own blog, it is about connecting with others and reading what others have to say.  And people have a lot to say.

I mostly enjoy my 300+ posts a day, but I have recently become "nails-on-chalkboard" annoyed with some recurring themes in the blogging world.  So, sit down and brace yourself for my Top 5: Blog Peeves.

5.  Auto-play music.  Usually at the VERY bottom of your blog.  When "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" comes on unexpectedly while I am trying to read your emotional post about post-partum depression, I literally can't find that little X box in the top corner of my browser fast enough.  Your music choices can seriously make or break my desire to continue reading your blog.

4.  Spelling/Grammar FAIL.  I don't care how beautiful your design is, the perfectly formatted layout that grabs my attention, or even you 1000 followers.  The minute I see you "Axing" someone a question, or completely disregarding grammar rules, my skin crawls.  I shudder for you, then I shudder for me.  Spell check was invented for a reason friends, it takes two seconds.  And please tell me you at least re-read your post before hitting that Publish button?  Don't insult my intelligence and don't undersell yours!

3.  GREAT (borrowed/inspired) Ideas with ZERO credit.  I cannot even tell you how ANGRY it makes me when I read two posts, from two completely different bloggers that are EXACTLY the same, yet NO credit is given.   If you read a great blog post or idea, or even find a great recipe or tutorial, don't remake it on your own blog without giving credit to the person who inspired it.  Give credit where credit is due! I saw two examples of this this week…one was a recipe and people used the EXACT same pictures…how does that happen?  And the other sharing a recent find for a product online - the posts were seriously almost identical!

2.  Desperation-TBB-Reset posts.  I cringe the minute I find out there is a blog directory vote reset, omg, I should just stop reading posts for at least a week afterwards, as EVERY SINGLE ONE of the posts is a plea for votes.  I thought I escaped high school popularity contests when I graduated, but apparently we can still stoop.  I am not belittling the directory or its power to gain readership, but I'd prefer it if emails were sent out newsletter style or better yet, just ask your closest friends and family or slip it in at the bottom of an enjoyable post, not a single "vote for me" dedicated post.

~And Finally~

1.  This one might surprise you…not allowing the FULL POST option in RSS readers.  I realize that you might think it better for stats to force people to come to your actual site to read your post, but let me remind you as an editor I read over 300 posts a day.  I don't have time to visit every single blog that I read, but if I like your post I will definitely "star" it and visit it to either leave a comment or clip/pin/explore further.  If you are leaving me only two lines and a headline, let me just say it is going to have to be quite the line in order to get me to actually take a break from my reader to visit your page.

So there you have it.  Do you have any skin-crawling peeves about the blogging community?  I'd love to hear from you!  Also, I'm pleased to begin offering the following editorial service to readers:

Don't be scared!  I'll tell you the truth, tempered with gentleness and grace!  For more info, click the "email" button below and send me a note.  :)

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Wordless Wednesday & Paper Mama Photo Challenge

The Paper Mama

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Monday, October 24

Chronic. Sleep. Deprivation.

I'm staring at this page, willing to write, yet my brain is running on reserve power.  Therefore, I'm throwing in the towel and hoping to resume after a good nights rest.

Here is what we have been up to:

I finished my fall yarn wreath and quite satisfied with the results.  :)

I cut out cardboard letters, Z-I-O-N, to finally make a sign for Zion's door, planning on using yarn for this as well.  I've yet to actually wrap a single letter, or figure out how I want to finish it.

I'm knitting again…and lately wondering if I have post-partum-arthritis, I had no idea that this actually exists, but my joints have not been the same since I had Zion, and I am starting to wonder if I should get them checked out.  (Stay tuned for more on my current knitting projects.)

Baking, baking and more baking.  I just did a dozen or so each: M&M Sugar Cookies & Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Zion is great at stirring, and quite territorial about it as well.  Future baking plans…definitely want to do more cupcakes, for starters these and then definitely these as well!

FAIL notice…remember this post here?  Yeah, well, I totally nailed the starter, but I couldn't find a good/easy enough recipe to start out with…and so, well, the starter went right into the trash.  Boo!

While I'm admitting FAILures, I might as well update you on this journey here.  Yeah, remember that running thing I was talking about?  I haven't. Not even once. Ran. Double boo!

I'm blessed to be working my tail feathers off to coordinate sending Christmas care packages to the MacDella Cooper Foundation Academy in Liberia, Africa…if you are interested in participating…send me an email.  60 boys and girls, orphaned by violent civil war will be receiving backpacks filled with goodies to ring in the holiday.

The winds of change are blowing in our family, if that sounds vague, it is intentional, and you'll have to stay tuned for details.  Don't you love cliffhangers?

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