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Tuesday, January 31

For the Love of Swap...

Posts to read, friends to meet:

Sara made some changes recently that have brought greater motivation and happiness to her and her family.  She's also in love with thrifting!  Her boys, Owen & Alex, are totally sweet.

Lish is afraid of snakes and has been rejected by multiple body piercings.  She has a lot of heart, and she'll show you how to wear yours three different ways.  I can totally relate to her frustrations here.

Beth takes pleasure in the simple things in life.  She recently shared a few thoughts on less-known social networking sites.  Have you read "The No Brainer Wardrobe"?  Beth has a great review here.

Melissa just bought the hottest shoes I've ever seen.  She knows how to make a puffy coat look good.  And the lady knows how to braid!

Sarah encourages me daily, for that I am very thankful!  She knows how to share a good word!  Have you ever been on a Daniel Fast?

Audrey is one photographically talented lady!  I love Disneyland.  All about her!

Elizabeth shares why we should celebrate everything.  She asks why do you blog? And answers too.  Did I mention she can make sunshine?

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  1. Cool recommendations, Courtney. Will visit them when I'm done writing what I'm supposed to. I hope the weather's been treating you well!

  2. :) Sounds great, hope you meet some new friends! :) The weather has been very mild!


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