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Friday, January 13

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Hey guess what….I'm guest posting today!  Come say hello and checkout Nicole's recently redesigned blog!! Yay!!! :)

Do you own a Bumbo seat?  Did you know there is a safety warning about them?  You can get a FREE exchange for a PrinceLionheart BebePod!

This Mama is so bad-a$$.  I would have done the same thing, no question!

You know you're a parent when…{fill in the blank}.

50 Healthy All-Natural Detox Recipes … no pills, just good food.

Pondering chopping it all off for the new year?  Here are 10 ideas!

Good, cheap fun for toddlers.  And 40 ways to entertain your toddler while laying down {you know, for THOSE kind of days.}

These shoes, oh these shoes! LOVE!

Sorry ladies, JT is officially off the market.  *sob*

If you want to know why I'll never go bungee jumping, this is why.

Happy Friday!



  1. Thanks for the interesting links! Love your blog I am now following it.

  2. Thank you so much for the follow! :)


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