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Friday, January 20

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This video.  OMG.  Hilarious {and true!} (Found via Summify)

A Facebook App that posts messages after you die, and keeps on posting?

Want to sharpen your skills…any skills?  Check out these free classes on practically everything!

My mouth was watering after seeing these red velvet pancakes! So not on my current diet plan.

If you believe in God, or really, even if you don't you should watch this video.  (Start with the first one, and I predict you will want to watch the other three parts: 2, 3, 4)

Considering toddler-picky-eating is becoming the norm in our house lately, I was inspired by these fantastic ideas for making food fun!

People love me! They really love me…well at least one does!

Thank you Melissa, at MameMusings for the nod, and for sharing your life with me via your beautiful blog!

If you'd like to know more about this award/the rules, etc. you can click here!  Passing this award on to 5 blogs that you should go check out, immediately!

Worth the clicks: Hanasaurusrex, AunieSauce, No Smoke Without Pryor, Babies&Bacon, & Laugh,Love,Lattes.



  1. That is a fantastic video!  Thanks so much for sharing.  Great blog you have.  Thanks for stopping by The Organic Blonde.  Great getting to know you.

  2. Annelise @ Aunie SauceJanuary 20, 2012

    Aww thank you SOOO MUCH! ps i'M LOVING your muffintop meltdown. So awesome for you!

  3. Thanks for the comments and stopping by as well! :)

  4. You are so very welcome, I really love your blog…thanks for coming by!

  5. Alexia @ Babies & BaconJanuary 22, 2012

    Love this post. What a fun idea! That video is seriously cracking me up! And the toddler food? Brilliant. Gonna make some meatloaf cupcakes tomorrow. 

    Thanks so much for the award! I am so happy you read my blog ;)

  6. :) I'm happy I read your blog as well! Thanks! :)


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