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Friday, January 27

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Have you heard of the fundraising website Kickstarter?  Well, here is a new and interesting concept: post artistic nude images to raise money?  I can't see myself personally taking advantage, but I can see this becoming a big deal.

I'm in mourning for the loss of Picnik happening in April…but I am sure that some awesome and amazing new website will pop up to fill-in the gap.  Here are a couple free photo editing sites (not nearly as complete) for you to try out:  Collages? Photovisi  Fun Filters? Picfull

Looking for some new ipad/iphone apps to keep the kiddos occupied?  Here are ten that have good reviews.

Did you know you could win some serious real estate on my blog this week?  Enter to win here!

If I was pregnant right now…I'd definitely consider this racy material! {via Itsalovething}

I thought I should warn you all now, that TBB {top baby blogs} will be resetting their votes on 1.31.12.  Yep, get ready for a week of posts asking for your votes.  Yes I'm listed, and no, I am not going to post about the reset, but I do want to share a great non-competitive fair directory of parenting/baby/life blogs in case you'd like to escape the popularity contest.

Want to know what is inside a toddler's brain?

It is always good to be reminded that the Internet is hardly a harmless place to share info…I'd like to give a shout out to this great dad for the reminder.

A little delivery room freestyle…cracked up watching this! {via Here and Now}

Are you a NYC parent/writer? If so, here is your chance to showcase your talent.


  1. Thanks for those photo editing sites! :)
    Yea I do terribly in those "vote for us" things, but to be fair, I barely promote mine. It's just there. I'm usually on page -93248293. No biggie for me. It'd be a nice surprise if I ended up in the top 25 or something.
    Neat links!


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