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Thursday, January 5

Muffintop Meltdown {v.1}

Before I get REAL about my muffintop…lol…

The WINNER of the Tommee Tippee Explora Truly Spill Proof Sippy Cup 2-Pack {whew! what a mouth full!} is KRISTINA who blogs at From City Corporate to Suburbs Mama!

Okay friends…this is where I put it all out there…oh how I have changed since birthing my little girl!  These will be my official before pictures.

Let's talk about my GOALs for the Muffintop Meltdown:

Goal Weight: 130 lbs.
Ideal Weight: 125 lbs.
Goal Measurements:  
Chest: 34"
Waist: 28"
Hips/Butt: 38"
Arms: 9"
Thighs: 22"
Muffintop: GONE!

My plan to accomplish these goals:

Fitness:  Pilates, Running & Free Weights

I am starting with every other day bare-minimum workouts…the last several times I've tried to start an exercise program I've been injured…so this time, I'm doing the painstakingly slow build up to daily exercise.  I have done one Pilates session this week, and though it felt SUPER easy {almost lame} I was sore the next day.  As I gain consistency I will focus more on intensity and frequency, but for now, I just need to start moving and keep moving.

Eating:  One-for-One, Medifast, Juicing, H2O Therapy

I am focusing in January on trading 1 bad habit for 1 healthy substitute.  I call this my "One-for-One" plan.  I'm currently contemplating fully giving up caffeine {and by contemplating I mean holding onto it and screaming at the thought of letting it go}.  I have already begun H2O therapy…which is basically drinking copious amounts of water to reduce retention.  Water is also critical for me because I have hypothyroidism which throws my whole metabolism into disarray.  It is SUPER hard to lose weight and keep it off with this condition.  If I am not yet pregnant by February I will start Medifast for 1 month, possibly 2 to kick start my metabolism and help me to get used to small portions several times a day.  I plan to come out of the Medifast ready to become a partial vegetarian {basically primarily vegetarian, save for low-fat dairy, eggs & fish}.  Along with this diet change, I'm hoping to incorporate one day of juice fasting per week {this may not be possible if I'm pregnant, we'll see}.

Motivation:  Point-Reward System, Visual Reminders, Biggest Loser

I am getting my husband involved in my goals, and he is a great coach.  I've set up a point system with cash rewards, yet to be fully approved, so I will share that next week sometime.  I also have visual charts and pictures set up in my room to chart my progress and motivate me.  I've got a few more fun activities planned to motivate me as well.  Plus, I'm watching the Biggest Loser and will be pumped by the amount of weight they are taking off and their determination.

Next Weigh-In/Measurement Day is 1/12/12

Want to participate?  I'd love to have you join forces with me.  Grab the button below and link up with your weight-loss goal blog post, and I will follow your journey!



  1. Prototype MamaJanuary 05, 2012

    This sounds like a great plan! I'm also in the process of trying to loose a little muffin-top :) I will make sure to link up my mama maintenance post to this. Aslo a new follower-- :)

  2. let me say having such a locked-in plan sounds like a really great way to start! i also love that your plan is "health based" not "i am fat based!" (you read my blog post on modernistic domestic - so you may understand why i say that) i definitely have a few pounds to lose to be at my favorite weight and i think a lot of it is because i don't drink enough water!, or exercise at all! this has inspired me to really take in more water and like you said, just exercise even once a week to start! great plan and great post! i will be checking back for your juice fasting plan! that's something i have wanted to do but haven't actually looked into yet!

  3. MandiGarfieldJanuary 05, 2012

    What a great idea, I put this down as a future post to link up with you.  Sending good muffintop melting vibes your way!  New follower from vB!

  4. The Budget DietJanuary 05, 2012

    Love the title & letting us see your progress is great motivation!  You might also want to check out 2 free diet websites that allow you to set goals, track calories, and

  5. Good luck...I have hypothyroidism too and know the weight roller coaster / metabolism issues that comes with that!

  6. Wonderful goals!!  You are braver then I to put up your photos---I'll save everyone the trama LOL
    I'm working on the H2O as well and I like the one to one...I'm going to try that--caffeine for me right now is just a cut back---I'd be such a b*!(h if I didn't have at leat my morning coffee--Dont think my family could handle it =)

    Popping in with vB
    Have a great 2012!

  7. Nicole KubonJanuary 06, 2012

    I love that you put it out there! Go you! I too am trying to loose that weight. Ugh! My goal is 15lbs and my ideal weight is 20lbs to loose. I started my diet this past Monday and am down 1lb so far. Whoop! LOL. Good luck momma and if you ever need a motivation partner let me know!

  8. Love the name of this!  I love Pilates!  I can't do it right now b/c of a diastasis issue.  I miss it.  I love yoga, too!  You should try yoga, too.  There are some that will absolutely kick your butt.  I love Sara Ivanhoe, she has a good short 20 minute one that's pretty easy, but still helps burn fat.  And I LOVE your "One-for-one" plan.  Awesome!  Good Luck with everything!

  9. Good luck, Courtney! I can't wait to see the results :)

  10. Fantastic! Looking forward to watching your progress too! Thanks for the follow!

  11. I'm so glad you were inspired…taking small steps is really working for me so far.

  12. Thanks for the follow! And the melting vibes. :)

  13. I love Myfitnesspal!! I'll have to check out SparkPeople!

  14. Thanks so much! It truly does make it way harder to achieve goals.

  15. Thanks for coming by. I don't know how much is bravery…lol…I just need a good dose of reality and these pictures give me that! :) I am still struggling with the coffee debacle, so for now just attempting to cut back to 1 cup (8oz cup) a day.

  16. Thank you so much for all of your encouragement and positive feedback!! :)

  17. Wow!  Good luck with your fitness goals Courtney!  Running is awesome exercise for weight loss.  It's hard on the body, but it's a really great workout.  I know you'll see great results.  :-)


  18. Thanks Rosann…I LOVE running, unfortunately I've been out of it for a while, so starting all over is hard! I've always said that I don't enjoy runs under 3-4 miles, and now I'm having to do the run-walk stuff just to get started again! LOL…all in good time, I suppose! Thanks for the visit!


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