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Tuesday, January 3

Our First Christmas ~ Just the 3 of us.


Our holiday fun started out with Jerry's official resignation from his job, freeing him up to spend two full weeks at home with us before beginning his new venture.  During his stay at home, he arranged a Daddy-daughter trip to the movies to see "the Muppets."
Clearly she had a total blast on their date.  {Even though she slept through half the movie!}
On Christmas Eve, Eve, we had a delicious lunch prepared by Zion's Godfather, Clark…who is a fantastic chef (checkout his Cookbook available on Amazon).   We enjoyed spending time with Alexis, Zion's Godmother and Valentine their adorable Boston Terrier.  {Val's Christmas present lasted maybe 15 minutes.}

Zion wearing her Christmas Eve dress and playing in her new "Pri-cuh-Tent" {both gifted by the Godparents}.
We opened our traditional Christmas Eve gifts…new pajamas for each of us!  Then we headed to bed.
Christmas morning started with Coffee! and then the opening of stockings.

Jerry and Zion played with her new play dough kit while I prepared our Fried Chicken & Waffles breakfast.  Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.

It was so good, even Zion had to lick the plate.  We continued with gift opening after breakfast.
Baby doll from her Great Grandma Debbie & Grandpa Larry.
Then came the dollhouse…after which interest in all other unopened presents ceased.  She made it through and has had a blast playing with her new toys.
Zion's Christmas Dress that her Nana got her.  These pics were taken earlier than Christmas, but I totally spaced on Christmas day to take pics of her in her dress!  Too much Nog on the brain!  

I'm loving seeing all of your Christmas posts…at the same time…I'm glad Christmas is over so that we can move on to other things! :)



  1. Fun! I love reading the Christmas posts. Where did you get that nifty wrapping paper? And the chicken and waffles! YUMMMY!!!!

  2. Which paper are you referring to? When the hubs and I were figuring out what we wanted to eat traditionally…it was an easy choice. We both LOVE chicken and waffles. Mmm.

  3. Oh my goodness!  She is gorgeous!  I absolutely love the purple dress!

  4. These are some adorable family photos!  Awesome that you have a way to document such great moments! New follower!  Not Your Ordinary Agent
    Not Your Ordinary Recipes

  5. Awe your little one beautiful! I'm so glad Christmas is over too!!! 

    stopping by from vB members to remember

  6. Thanks for the follow! I am so grateful for blogging…and technology because it truly captures things that would have been forgotten!

  7. Mamawolfeto2January 06, 2012

    Very cute...I remember the first Christmas when with my daughter-you'll cherish these photos when she's a teen!

  8. It seems you had wonderful holidays with the family. Awesome :) Love the pictures, too. 

  9. It seems like that will be in no time…she is already growing up way too fast!

  10. Thank you so much! It was a wonderful holiday!


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