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Friday, January 27

Toddler Mealtime Magic! {Tommee Tippee Tableware Review!}

Does this look familiar?

If you have a toddler, like me, this might be all too familiar!

I have been so frustrated teaching my daughter mealtime manners, and cleaning up monumental messes.  I've been searching for a solution for a while, so when I was given the opportunity to try out a few items from the tommee tippee explora tableware line, I was really excited and hopeful!  

We received several different items to try out, including those pictured above, as well as spoons that I will share with you later in this post.  One of the things I love about the tommee tippee brand is that they have a science behind everything they make, and it really shows.  I'm going to share a little info on each of the products I received and then I'll share my thoughts on them!

The explora easi-roll bibs are made from a soft and light material, totally BPA free and roll-up for convenient storage!  They are the easiest to clean bibs I have ever used, plus they don't retain the smell of food or get mildewy like some of the other bibs we have.  The wide catch-all at the bottom of the bib is great and does a fantastic job of catching most food.  These bibs are best for tray-free/booster seat eating and restaurants because high-chair trays can decrease the effectiveness of the bib's catch all, depending on how they line up.

The explora section plates are designed with deeper sections and are angled for easy self-feeding.  I especially love that they keep food separate … great for my picky toddler.  One other fun thing about these plates is that you can make mealtime fun by using the side sections for "ears" and the center section to design a little "face" out of whatever food you are serving up.  With little effort these plates can make meal-time fun-time!  These plates fit perfectly on my new favorite toddler tool:

The explora easi-mat is pure magic.  If there was one tool I'd say you need to rush out and by from this collection, it would be the easi-mat.  This soft silicone mat sticks to almost any flat surface, and features a special suction circle that holds smooth bottom tableware securely in place.  In order to release the tableware you have to pull the special tab to release the suction, a trick most kids cannot figure out!  This means NO more plates and bowls tossed over the edge or dumped over on the table!  I was most excited to try this out and I've been very pleased with the result.  I would say that 95% of the time Zion cannot break the suction.  We use the easi-mat on our high-chair tray and I think the surface is not completely level which allows for the occasional break of the suction if it isn't optimally lined up. Overall, I have to say this is one of the most genius eating tools I've ever used!

A note about the explora tableware from tommee tippee's website:
All our products are made from hardwearing materials that can be put in the dishwasher, freezer or microwave. None of our products contain PVC and are all BPA free, so you can have complete confidence that your baby’s wellbeing is looked after. For less stress and mess at mealtimes, the tommee tippee® explora® tableware range has been created with both mum and baby in mind, and has those little extra touches that help make feeding an enjoyable experience.

The explora heat sensing spoons are soft, flexible and easy for small hands to use.  The special curved design makes learning to self--feed easy, while the shape of the head measures out the perfect bite size portions!  The coolest feature of this spoon is the heat sensing technology.  Remember those hyper-color t-shirts from back in the day?  That is exactly what this spoon reminds me of.  When food is hot, the color changes to let you know…and it doesn't just change one color…you can tell how hot it is by the intensity of the color.  When the pink changes to an orange-ish color food is warm, when the color changes to a bright yellow the food is hot.  Either way, any color change will let you know to test the food to make sure it is not too hot for you toddler to eat!  

We are very happy with our tommee tippee tableware, and hope you enjoyed learning about them!  For more information you can visit tommee tippee on the web or head out to Babies R Us/Toys R Us where they are sold exclusively!

The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.  I received several product samples from the explora tableware line by tommee tippee to review.  Disclosure Policy


  1. We just recently got those bibs. We'll have to try out the plate for sure because Lola is a thrower, too!

  2. Yeah…I love the easi-mat seriously! Way better than the suction bowls that I've tried previously.

  3. FrommrstomamaJanuary 28, 2012

    looks a lot like our house!

  4. LOL, I'm glad someone relates!


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