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Tuesday, January 10

Trying It Now: BeautyMint

I am in no way being sponsored to write this post, just sharing my recent find and what I think of it so far.  

Have you heard of BeautyMint?  (If not, I am sure you've at least heard of JewelMint, StyleMint, or ShoeMint?)  Basically, it is the Skin-Care line created in partnership with a "Beverly Hills Celebrity Dermatologist" and Jessica Simpson.

I decided to try it out.  Until I hit 30, I cared relatively little about my skin.  Sad, but true.  Now, I am looking in the mirror and seeing fine lines…noticeable ones.  My husband has great skin, and is going to age better (it is in his genes!)  So I've been really adamant on getting a good regimen going.

What I've tried before:

ProActiv - I have adult acne outbreaks, especially since being off birth control.  Thank you hormones!  So I used ProActiv for a while, too long even.  Don't do it!  It is very damaging and harsh to the skin!

I've used the MaryKay Timewise System.  I used to be a consultant.  I'd be willing to try it again if I don't like BeautyMint.

I also sampled the Somme Institute's MDT5…and that stuff…Ahhhhh-Mazing.  But it is out of my budgetary reach right now.  (*tear*)

So I finally responded to one of the "deals" in an email and got my first box of BeautyMint (a 5 Piece Set.)  I've been using it for almost a week.  I have some good things to say, but the jury is still out.

The highlight of using it so far is that I've always had flaky, dry skin in the creases of my nose, and it is COMPLETELY gone.  I'm amazed.  I've seriously used prescription strength lotion from the dermatologist I see here in NYC with no relief…and in one week…gone.  

On the other side, I have been having some breakouts…so not sure if that is just my skin purging itself of the impurities or what.  

I'll let you know later in the month whether I decide to keep using it or try something different. 

Do you have a skincare line that you love?  Would love more options!



  1. I've never heard of this! Can't wait to hear more about it. I might just have to try it out!!

  2. Wow, I guess it really works!  I want to try that out too.  I've always dreamed of a peaches and cream complexion...
    Congrats on being a vB featured member :)

  3. I've always struggled with acne and have never been able to find something I loved/that worked. Interested to see how this ends up working!

  4. I just found it recently, so I'm hoping to figure out what works best. There are a couple other brands I'd like to try as well, so we'll see.

  5. Thank you for the congrats! :) I'm not sure how well it works just yet, I'm giving it a full month before I decide! My skin is softer though!

  6. I'll definitely keep you posted!


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