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Saturday, January 14

The Weekly Wrap {1.14.12}

 We took a little trip to the bookstore to get Zion a new book.  While there I ended up finding several books I'd like to read, and walked away with one that is helping me a lot already!

 Started eating a lot more healthy this week, thank you Trader Joe's for making it easy!

 Zion got to sit on her Princess couch and eat, a big girl privilege in our house.

Another beautiful scene in our neighborhood as we approached home after a walk.

Zion took "Bear" to the playground in her mini-stroller…she was so happy to have it outside.

"Bear" had to swing with her as well.

Even though we missed Jerry while he was away in Atlanta this week for work, we had a beautiful week.

How was your week?



  1. Looks like you had a pretty great week! I love the picture of Bear swinging too. Adorable!

  2. She is ridiculously cute, mama! Love her!!

  3. It was a great week…really surprised me! :)

  4. My week was awesome! Some dear friends stayed with us and we had a fantastic time! :D I blogged all about it. :)

    Zion is toooo cute! :DAnd I will have the stuff you asked of me to you soon! 


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