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Saturday, January 21

The Weekly Wrap {1.21.12}

 We had a great week!
 Daddy/Hubby got back from Atlanta.
 I tried to be more creative with my toddler mealtimes.
 Saw this ice-cube-tray idea a while ago!
 Teething…lots of hand-in-mouth…and drooling.
 Favorite new show: Blue's Clues
 I'm doing good on my healthy eating!
 Having fun…she sure loves her dollhouse!

 Trying out different functions on my camera.

 Hair everywhere….much better when pulled back!
 Decided to freeze her yogurt and see if she'd like it….big win!

 And then it snowed…and it was love at first sight!

 First taste of snow….followed by catching it on her tongue.

 Pretty proud of this macro shot…starting to think this camera and I can be friends!
 Snow angel time!

How was your week?



  1. This is such a fun post, Courtney! :) Zion's hair is sooooo pretty, and those green beans look extra yummy.

  2. The snow is gorgeous! I'm jealous.

  3. Alexia @ Babies&BaconJanuary 22, 2012

    Could Zion be any cuter? What a silly little girl. Loving her curls. And looks like she had a blast in the snow! Great pictures...looks like you are beginning to master that camera! 

  4. looks like a good week! :) jealous of the snow you have! haha! ;-)

  5. Love this ice tray idea for toddler food. Just recently pinned it and need to try it out a-sap!

  6. Thanks! :) I love Zion's hair seriously…so much fun…even if it is a crazy mess every morning!

  7. I'll gladly send it your way…lol. I'm not much a fan of snow!

  8. Thank you for the encouragement…I have so much to learn to take good pictures!

  9. I'd gladly trade you the snow….how is the house (mold) fix up going? Everything life as usual again?!

  10. Definitely worked! She was much more enthusiastic about trying it out.


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