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Sunday, January 29

The Weekly Wrap {1.28.12}

Zion is becoming more and more humorous every day.  
She will do anything to get a good laugh out of us.
We have about 5-10 of these tea parties a day.

I'm proud of this close-up shot of my hair this week!
A very dear friend of mine, came to NYC for her work, and visited me.
We had such a great time catching up over coffee.
I never get tired of the sunsets from our neighborhood.
Zion is currently obsessed with pockets…and enjoys stashing things in them.
Even in Winter, with the trees bare, beauty can be found.
She sure loves to pick up sticks.
I had fun teaching Zion some exercises this week:
Above was just after she broke a plank position,
below is her practicing a squat.

How was your week lovelies?

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