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Sunday, January 8

The Weekly Wrap {1.8.12}

My in-laws {who I love dearly!} came for a visit over New Year's weekend.  They live in Ohio, close enough for a day's drive.  It is always a special time when they come, but this trip was by far one of the best yet.  Zion was so warm and accepting of them into our home…she played for hours with Grandma, teased Grandpa for sleeping alot…it was a weekend I will cherish for years to come.


Pizza is definitely a favorite food in our family, especially homemade pizza.  As I watched Zion participate with such joy, it made me realize just how quickly she has grown.

My mother-in-law had always wanted to go to Times Square on New Year's eve, something us locals cringe at the thought of.  But, to cross it off the bucket list, Jerry went with her and they stayed long enough to see the ball being lit-up, then hurried home to spend the time counting down with us.

New Year's day we headed out to Riverside Park to take a few pictures, hoping to get some print-worthy ones of Zion with her grandparents.  Unfortunately, I have a lot to learn still, so though I felt my ideas were good, I need to work on the technical aspects.   It was still a good trip, and I do have some nice pictures to show from it.





After we were done at the park, we headed to a little brunch spot while Zion napped.  Then to cross off another bucket-list item for my mother-in-law we took a horse-drawn-carriage ride through Central park.  Sadly, they have a 3 adult limit with 1 child, so we couldn't all go.  Zion loved every second of it, and you can tell that my mother-in-law did as well!

How was your week?




    Look at how she's smiling at her grandma! :) That's so awesome!

  2. Looks like a fun weekend!

  3. I love the sunglasses pictures. Your daughter is so adorable!! Sounds like you had a very full week. I have to say, mine was nowhere near as exciting.

    Congrats on being a vB featured member!!!

  4. It was such a fantastic visit. Went by way too fast!

  5. Thank you Christina! Our week is often not like that, but we try to make every day count! :) Thanks for coming to visit!


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