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Sunday, January 22

Zion {20 Months}

My precious baby little girl!  I am amazed by you.  You are my sunshine.  You are beautiful through and through.  I love you so very much.  Happy 20 Months little cuter-pie!

Some things I simply must remember:

*The way you call out for an object when you are looking for it: Ex. "Bear, Eeee-Ahhh-Yoooh?" (Where are you!?)

*The way you say, "Corn essss Yelllohhh!"  (Corn is yellow)

*How you love it when I sing to you at night, which has caused me to put a 3-song-cap on your lullabies.  Your favorites are: Sing La-La, Hallelujah, Amen and Rock-a-bye Baby.

*How you try to do everything yourself…and moments when you snatch the stepping stool when I am preoccupied and help yourself to something on the counter top…lol.

*Your obsession with twirling!  You can go and go until you fall down, but you always get up and do it some more!

*The first time you realized that you could hurt some one's feelings…and then ran to comfort them in remorse.  I am amazed at how much you understand!

*How you think you should have a cupcake or a cookie or a treat after any thing good that you do.  :)  Or after anytime I say the words…you know what?

I know I am missing things on this list, it is so hard to catch everything…you change so much each day, and do so many new things each day.  I enjoy your company so much…you are pure joy to be around. 

I love you, Princess Za-Za! 

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  1. I love writing down precious little things that they do and say! I've already seen how easily I can forget those things! I love that she expects a treat after every good thing she does ;) me too, Zion. Me too!


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