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Tuesday, February 7

6 Parenting Resources {Featuring Anne from Green Eggs & Moms}

Has this happened to you?

You’re watching TV in your room when all of sudden everything goes dark. It’s a black out. Even if you’ve walked in this familiar space a thousand times, you fumble through the dark looking for a flashlight. This is how parenting feels at times. You can prepare by reading a mountain of books and articles, and think you’re familiar with all there is to know. Then boom. You encounter situations that leave you scratching your head. Fortunately, the Internet is a treasure trove of useful parenting resources that can help you find solutions to parenting mysteries. What are these?

6 Parenting Resources To Pull You Out of the Dark

1. Parenting Science  If you’re the type who would rather believe in scientific research rather than guess-work or amusing old wives’ tales, this is perfect for you.  The author, a biological anthropologist, writes informative articles based on studies from different perspectives in psychology, neuroscience, anthropology and evolution.
What you get: Researched-backed information on how to improve your child’s development in the following areas: intellect, emotion and behavior.

  Creative Food Ideas 
2. Cute Food For Kids  If you want to elicit a few laughs from your child during meal time, this is one of the first places you should go to. It shows you how to make creative food ideas the easy way. Ridiculously easy.
What you get: Simple instructions for fun and interesting food ideas for kids - and sometimes adults too.

3. Ask Dr. Sears Who doesn’t love Dr. Sears? It’s sort of like seeing your pediatrician without the hassle of driving to the clinic and lining-up. You can find answers to common parenting questions such as why toddlers are picky eaters. The articles are written in a simple way that makes for easy reading.
What you get: Health related information from doctors. (Of course, it’s still best to consult with your pediatrician for serious questions you have. So yes, you may still have to drive to the clinic and line-up.)

4. This is a European-based news site that has a great parenting section. It’s a good way to keep up with what’s happening in their side of the world.
What you get: Latest parenting news in Europe, specifically in Ireland.

Educational Activities  
5. My Shae Noel If you want fun educational activities for your kiddo, this is where you should go to. The woman behind the blog used to teach children which is why she is able to provide engaging learning materials.
What you get: Fun educational materials and various DIY crafts for kids.

6. Voice Boks This is an online community of mothers. Need I say more? You can read countless books and articles on parenting but you can get the best ideas or solutions from moms who have learned through trial and error - which is what makes their insights valuable.

Parenting can be tough, confusing and can make you feel like you’re fumbling in the dark. Hopefully, these resources that cover: development, food and creativity, health, news, educational activities, and parenting tips and stories can help light your way through parenting. Does this parenting resources list lack your favorite site? Please tell us about it so other moms can benefit too.

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Thank you Anne for this great list of resources!  I can definitely say Voice Boks has been a huge resource to me, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with you there! :)  Friends, make sure to visit Anne's blog: Green Eggs & Moms for more great tips and resources!


  1. I love VoiceBoks! :)  Great article. I used to go to the Dr. Sears website A LOT with my first born. With my second I bought the breastfeeding book. Very good info there. :) 

  2. Thanks Sarah…Anne has so many invaluable resources on her blog. Love visiting her there.

  3. VoiceBoks alone works wonders for me :).  These resources are really helpful for a single mom such as myself.

  4. Love that you had Anne featured here.  She is a true angel.  All great tips here.  I'm definitely a fan of voiceBoks and Dr. Sears.   Thanks for sharing these resources.  There's a few here I haven't heard of before and will definitely be checking out. 


  5. Oh my gosh, Rosann....awww... thank you for sweet words. I'm really going to go grab tissue now. 


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