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Wednesday, February 15

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Hi!  I'm Mallory.  I am stay at home mom in my late twenties living on the Gulf Coast of Florida with my handsome husband and a very spirited almost 2 year old daughter named Aubrey .  My blog is basically about the ins and outs of me as a mom, which has proven to be quite the adventure.  I love to cook, craft and take photos and I share all of those things with you.  Please stop on by and say hi.

Define "Love" in your own words?
This one is a toughy because love can mean so many different things.  The definition can change drastically depending on what or who you are talking about.  I do think there are a few words that universally describe love and those are: respect, desire and admiration.

Your favorite Love story and why?  
I love the classic love stories and the ones that start out as young love and last a life time.  Maybe because that's how my love story goes(the young love ones, that is).  Some favorites that come to mind are Queen Victoria and Prince Albert,  Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, and of course Allie and Noah from The Notebook.

Tell us about the Best Valentine's Day you've ever had? 
 We aren't big about Valentine's Day around our house.  There have been plenty of romantic things that we have done for each other but they don't necessarily fall on Valentine's Day.    Instead of telling you about my best Valentine's Day, I will tell you about the one that I remember most, which is our first one as a couple.  Joe and I were seniors in high school and we had just started dating the month before.  I wanted to do something cute but not over the top for him so I asked his twin brother if there were any video games or movies that Joe wanted.  He told me that he wanted some basketball game for Playstation.  I went out and bought the game plus a bag of mini snickers bars because I knew they were his favorite.  I put the game in a gift bag surrounded by the snickers.  I was so excited to give it to him Valentine's morning at school and he loved it.  The bummer was that he nothing for me.  He said it was because he didn't want to bring it to school and he was going to come visit me at work that night.  I worked at a resort and that night I was working at the ice skating rink there.  Joe did show up that night with a few gifts for me.  He brought flowers, chocolate covered strawberries and a perfume gift set.  Which was totally sweet except for he must have forgot that he told me he had bought that perfume for his ex-girlfriend for Christmas but they broke up before he had the chance to give it to her- whomp whomp.  From that moment on I knew if I wanted a real romancer Joe was probably not my guy.  Thankfully ten happy years later, he has more than made up for his for first Valentines Day mishap.

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  1. Bonnie LouisaFebruary 15, 2012

    Stumbled upon your blog today and am loving it!  I'm impressed with how much networking you do and how involved you are with other bloggers.  That's definitely something I need to be better at.  I love the design of your blog, too.  It looks great!

    Would you be interested in swapping buttons with me?  My blog is comparable in size with yours.  Please email me if you are interested!

    new follower :)

  2. Thanks…I'd love to see your blog, but I don't see a url in your comment…if you respond back with it, I'll check it out!


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