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Wednesday, February 15

Is it Possible to be Cute while Pregnant?

One of the things that was a major bummer for me when I was pregnant with Zion was the financial struggles we were going through at the time.  There were several items that I felt would have made my pregnancy more enjoyable, (had we had been able to purchase them), one of which was, maternity clothes.

I had just achieved my ideal weight and the best shape of my life prior to getting pregnant, so going through the weight gain and body changes accompanied by pregnancy was very difficult for me.  I think that part of the reason it was so difficult was because I couldn't by comfortable clothes that made me feel cute and pregnant.  Next time around it is going to be different.  :)

Even though I am not pregnant {yet} I love checking out maternity clothes.  I really love Destination Maternity, so I was browsing their new arrivals for Spring the other day and fantasizing about what a cute pregnant Courtney could look like sometime in the not too distant {hopefully} future!

Here are a few ways you can save big this week if you are in the shopping mood:

Free shipping on orders over $100 at Destination Maternity. Use code: FEBDM - valid February 16-20, 2012.

Buy One Get One 50% off select styles ż jeans, pants, tees, tanks, panties & nursing tanks at Destination Maternity. Valid February 1-20, 2012.

Buy One Get One Free on select clearance items at Destination Maternity. Valid February 1-20, 2012.


  1. Love that red & white chevron pattern dress! I won't lie..I'm mostly ready to be done with maternity clothes, but those clothes make me a little sad to be leaving them. So stinkin' cute.

  2. I watched Tia & Tamara. Tia looked adorable all day every day no matter how pregnant she got. I can't believe the women in heels, though! I was waddling at like 9 weeks, and there was NO chance of me wearing heels. I don't wear them now either. 

  3. I'm dying to see pictures of Gunner and hear that you are ok! Thinking of you lady!

  4. And I just saw the post you did! Yay!

  5. I am not a heels while pregnant woman. Perhaps wedges but not after 6 months. :)


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