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Sunday, February 19

The Life of A Mommy Blogger {Featuring Kirby Amour}

I recently read a NY Times Article on a study conducted about mommy blogging and how they've proven it "makes new mothers happier". This got me thinking a ton about the role blogging plays in my life, my friends lives, and my families day to day. It's big for me, it's big for my family, we put ourselves out there almost daily for the world to see including the small handful of people who we don't want to know anything about us. 

I don't know if I'm alone in seeing this but there seems to be a stigma about bloggers. I've noticed most tumblrs keep their blogs away from 90% of their "real life" fiends and families. It's almost like it's OK to be 100% yourself with the community you have grown of complete strangers yet we hide from those who are closest. I've been wondering about this for sometime and the reasoning. I guess sometimes it just depends on why you blog and how personal you get.

Blogging for me has been about many things. The community aspect is HUGE. The record keeping, the opportunity to experience and work on my craft of writing almost everyday. Tumblr has brought so many amazing things into my life: online friends have become real life friends, I've connected with other Brooklyn moms which has given G some pretty cool kids to grow up with, it has brought support when I've needed it most, and so much positive energy around who I am helping my personal growth. This isn't to say bad things haven't come out of the internet for us, it isn't always all good and sometimes the pressure to keep things up to date when I have writers block sucks. Yet, it's all worth it. 

I guess the biggest reason I blog is because it feels good and makes my life more fulfilling at the end of the day. And I particularly Baby Blog because my daughter is the coolest thing in my life.

You can find Kirby at Baby G, Parents for Occupy Wall Street & Kirby Amour!  Kirby also runs Awesome Baby Blogs a fantastic non-competitive directory of parenting/baby blogs.  

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  1. I agree with there: the blogging community is awesome and supportive. One I'd recommend is VoiceBoks..there moms really take the time to read through your blog and comment thoughtfully. From there, I've formed really great friendships though I'm miles apart from my "online friends."


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