Thursday, February 2

Muffintop Metldown {v.5}

Progress, Points & Travel

No Pics this week!  Tune in Next week for progress pictures!

Progress Report:

Weight Lost Gain This Week: 1 pound
Total Weight Lost: 7 pounds

Points Earned:

Month of January: 307

I finally arrived in deep South Texas!  My sister asked me, before booking my ticket there, whether or not this trip was going to have a negative impact on my current goals.  I confidently said, "No."  While I'd be kidding myself to think there won't be any temptation, I have watched my hard work and commitment pay off, and after a little over three weeks, I'm pretty hooked!  I'm not saying it is going to be easy to stick with everything, but I did come up with a plan before going, so I'd like to share that with you today.  

I know that I show a 1 pound gain this week, but I have to admit, I have no idea why.  I kept up with workouts, have been eating well and the only thing I slacked on was water consumption.  I'm not discouraged at all though, I know that we all have our plateau weeks.  I'm actually thrilled because I am supposed to receive my first 4 weeks of Medifast meals tomorrow, which means I can begin resetting my metabolism Saturday.  I also have the use of a treadmill, which I can't wait to use tomorrow.  I have one hiccup though, I have no scale to weigh-in for the next two weeks! Eeeek!  I'm going to deal with it, and hopefully this means I will have a fantastic weigh-in on the 23rd.  Look for a more thorough update next week, I'll still measure inches and take pictures.

My tips for travel:

1.  Being realistic doesn't mean accepting failure is certain.  I can't tell you how many times I've allowed myself to fall into the trap of thinking that failure was inevitable due to the "holidays" or "vacation" or "this special event."  Instead of this mindset I have decided to recognize that I will be tempted, I may not have all the same options available, but I can still make good choices that won't set me off course.  Instead of saying, "Well, I'm on vacation, I might as well live it up" I am choosing to say, "I will take each meal as it comes and evaluate my options to make the healthiest decision possible."  Instead of saying, "Well, I'm on vacation, I'll be happy if I workout a few times while I am there" I am choosing to say, "Exercise is a part of my every day life, I will remain active, and find time to get in a minimum 20 minute workout every other day."

2.  The choice is still mine.  I don't have to make bad choices, even while away from home.  It is really empowering to me to know that I am fully equipped to turn away from temptation.  I can say "no" because I've been practicing it over the last month.  I can also say "yes" in a way that won't undermine my goals.  I can choose to say yes to a smaller sized portion of something that is "bad" for me.  And appreciate it all the more! 

3.  Preparation is key.  I've mentally prepared myself for this three week trip, and found it would be the perfect time to start my short Medifast program, eating will be no problem because I've taken the guesswork out of it.  I've also discussed options for exercise ahead of time (sister has a treadmill…no excuses!) and will be bringing my computer with easily streamed workouts.  I've considered the temptations I may encounter, and have resolved to stick with my goals because no food item is more valuable to me than reaching my healthy goal weight and being in optimal shape.

This Week:

I'm proud of these choices:

The  right stuff:  I am thriving on the vegetable-lean protein heavy diet, balanced by small amounts of whole grains, fruits and dairy.  I really feel good about my eating.  And my portion sizes are better.
Consistent workouts: I'm hooked!  And I can't wait to start running again while in Texas!

I'd like to work more on:

Water consumption: I slacked a bit this week.
Doing my physical therapy exercises a minimum of once per day.
Cutting down to 1 cup of coffee a day {I'm getting there! Not kidding myself after all!}.

I totally cheated when:

I totally indulged on a deluxe cheeseburger and fries from Five Guys at the airport yesterday!

How did you do this week?
Missed the last update? V.4V.3V.2, V.1

**I am not a certified expert on nutrition or exercise, so please, do your homework/research, and as always consult your physician before making major lifestyle changes that include diet/exercise!**


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