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Sunday, February 12

O.M.Y. {} Featuring Sarah from The Fontenot Four!

Check out this delicious recipe from Sarah of {the Fontenot Four}!

On Saturday morning I was browsing Pinterest.
I wanted a simple crock pot recipe for chicken.
I wasn't feeling well.  I had thawed out chicken.  Had to cook it. 
But didn't want to exert a lot of effort!
Ever have those days??
I came across this pin for Cilantro Lime Crock Pot Chicken:
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

I checked my pantry and, sure enough, I had the ingredients...
pretty much.
I had bone-in skin-on chicken breasts, not boneless skinless.
I had dried cilantro, not fresh.
I had lime juice in a bottle, not a fresh lime.
Well, that worked for me so here is my version of this recipe!
Easy Delicious Cilantro Lime Crockpot Chicken:
So so nice to have a Kindle Fire to put on the counter for easy access to the recipe!!

Aside from the chicken, here's what you'll need:
A 24 oz jar of your favorite salsa.  I had a club-size bottle, so I measured out 24 oz.
The original recipe calls for the juice of 1 lime.  I did not have one, so I added 1 tbsp of "Realime" lime juice.
Instead of fresh cilantro {because I had none}, I used not quite 1/4 cup of dried cilantro.
Add 1 pouch of your favorite taco seasoning.
Blend everything together in your crock pot.
Throw in a package of boneless skinless chicken breasts.
{mine were bone-in skin-on, so I de-boned and de-skinned them before putting them in}
Cover the chicken with the salsa mixture.
Set the crock pot to low for 6 hours.
{about 4.5 or 5 hours in, I put it on warm}
Towards the end, I threw some white rice into my rice cooker.
Chicken is ready!
Serve the chicken over rice and top with the salsa mixture.
Not photographed: I then put some tortilla chips on the side and topped with some of the salsa mixture.  I added a generous amount of shredded "Mexican" blend cheese as well as dollop of sour cream!
This was so good that this post was supposed to go up Monday but I couldn't wait to share it with you!!

And before you say aren't you starting a fast??  Well, yes I starts at sundown tonight.  This is not a Daniel Fast recipe, that's for sure.  And I enjoyed every bit of it!

My mouth is totally watering from this recipe: cilantro & lime---that is all you had to say!!  Thanks, Sarah for this delicious recipe…I'm hoping to get to cook this for my sister's family while I'm visiting with them.  :)  

Friends, you should totally visit Sarah's blog…this lady is inspiring in all that she does!  :)


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  1. I love Sarah! This looks so good- I remember seeing it on her blog before, and this is a good reminder to actually make it. :)


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