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Friday, February 24

Restless Blog Hop & Some Randomness...

Hey Lovelies!  I just got back from a crazy wonderful three week adventure that was equal parts fun and exhausting!  We were in Texas visiting my sister & her family as she welcomed her newest baby girl into the fold.  I couldn't wait to get back and see my husband…and he was a quite a site for my sore eyes last night at our little reunion.  :)  Looking forward to catching up with you all and finding my groove again! 

I also want to take a minute to thank each of my awesome guests that contributed during my time away.  I couldn't have mentally survived and enjoyed myself without each of you!!  Thank you all so much!! 

I have many pictures to share over the next couple of days, but for now I just want to share my new haircut, and a few random facts, as well as welcome my new lovelies (that's you!)!

11 Random Questions (& Answers):

Favorite Food:  Seafood, and I am a total snob about it, it has to be from the Pacific Ocean to be good.

Favorite Nail Polish:  Ballet Slippers by Essie

Hidden Talent:  Intuition…if we lock eyes I can read a lot about what is going on in a person.

Hot Cocoa or Apple cider?  Hot Chocolate for sure, with a mountain of whipped cream on top!

Favorite Childhood Memory:  Snowmobiling or Camping with my family.

Who are the gifts from (Christmas)?  In our family the gifts are from each other via God's blessing.

If I could live anywhere:  San Diego, California

Favorite TV Show:  I am hooked on the Bachelor/Bachelorette.  In my defense that is the ONLY trashy show I watch.
How many books do I read a year:  I start probably 5-10 but only finish a handful!

What is your best quality?  I am an honest person.  I'm the friend you call when you want to be heard, understood and then receive truthful feedback.  Not the friend you want to call to join a pity party.

What is your biggest fear?  That I won't fulfill my purpose in the time I have left in my life.

P.S. I have to tell you, these ten questions were from a tag post that I received in DECEMBER, but life got busy and it got lost in the shuffle, but hey, better late than never.  (Thanks Amanda for tagging me!)

And now, moving onward, I want to give a big shout out to Christa at Young & Restless, for choosing me to co-host this week's Restless Blog Hop!!

young and restless

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young and restless
Thank you so much for visiting, linking, following, etc!  Can't wait to meet you!  And let's get hopping!


  1. Thank for doing the blog hop! I look forward to reading everyone and following :)

  2. You look fantastic!!!!! Like summer! Oh how I want summer.

  3. Love you, mama! And p.s. you're so pretty!!

  4. I love meeting new people! :) Glad to have you here!

  5. I missed you! :) I'm still catching up on reading. :)


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