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Tuesday, February 28

Unscripted: Any other night...

On any other night, I'd be sticking to my lists,
checking off items as I go,
being motivated and exhausting every last bit of energy.

But not tonight.
Today was very tiring.
I love my sweet little lady more than I could possibly put into words.
I don't love when she decides to disregard everything I say all day long.
Days like today wear on me.

I have no complaints really, I'm not upset.
Just worn out from saying too many "no's".
Too many time-outs.

I put a lot of energy into being a good mom,
being available, interruptible, and having lots of fun.
I guess it was just one of those trying toddler days.

Any other night, I'd be enthusiastic to share with you so many wonderful things going on here.
Just not this night.
I'm going to delay my post that I've waited all day to work on.

And I'm going to sit back and watch the Bachelor and then,
I'm going to muster up all the last bits of enthusiasm I can
to welcome my hard-working husband home from his job.

I'm going to give him the best hug I can, and plant a sweet kiss on his lips.
And then, I'm going to go to bed.


  1. Some days it takes everything in our being just to be a good and loving mom, doesn't it? Thinking of you and hoping things are better today :)


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