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Monday, February 13

The Weekly Wrap {2.11.12}

Things have been a little delayed … what can I say…keeping up with three toddlers is quite the job! :)  Enjoy these pictures from our visit in Texas so far!
Fun on the trampoline. 
Enjoying yummy treats, and family favorites.
I finally learned how to make virgin mojitos!
 Some much needed time outside on a rainy day!
Nonstop fun with these kids!
Delicious Flatbread & Dipping Sauces…YUM!
Presenting my beautiful little niece: Sofia Elliana! 

I miss you all, but I'm having a great time! :)  How was your week?


  1. Looks like all the kids are getting along famously.. so glad you are able to be down there and helping Val out. I know they appreciate it immensly. Love you all

  2. Cute pics! My kids aren't much older (only 9,7 and 5) but already this seems light years away from the toddler years :(  Looks like you had a great week! I think we're finally getting over the cruddy sicknesses over here! Hoping for some much needed health! Happy Valentines Day!

  3. Love you too! The kids are having a blast together…it has been a ton of fun! :)

  4. :) Hope you guys all feel better! Zion was sick for a few days down here…high fever, irritable, turns out she had Roseola for the first time. No fun when they are sick!

  5. Eeee! Cute little girls playing! :D And that mac and cheese looks AMAZING. Mmmmmm.

  6. It was such a delicious baked mac…sister's recipe. Maybe I can get her to share it with me. Can't believe my trip is wrapping up this week.


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