Thursday, March 15

21 - 22 Month Update

 Happy (belated) 21 Months & 22 Months Zion!

Every single day you do something new and wonderful.

Yesterday, you started jumping on the regular floor for the first time.  Up until this point, the only actual jumping was limited to Mommy & Daddy's bed, but now…you can jump from a stationary position.  You get so excited and giggly every time you do it.

 I now understand why those who have  older children always tell me to take videos as frequently as possible, tons of pictures, and write everything down.  It is because each day with you now is filled with wonder and awe as you experience new things and gain new understanding.

Your joy is infectious.  Your giggles and laughter are worth more to me than all the riches of this world.  When you look at me and tell me you are happy, I can't help but smile and feel grateful for the lovely little girl you are quickly becoming.
 You have recently started forming full sentences.  In fact, after we got back from Texas your vocabulary began to flourish.  Your daddy was so surprised by how quickly you went from two word phrases to putting together fully understandable sentences.

And now, your daddy and I talk somewhat nostalgically each night as we retire those baby words that are no longer, and accept your revised proper pronunciations.   A few biggies:  Instead of "I wah tee" you now say "I Love You."  Instead of "Tee tee" you now say "Thank-You".   And there are several others but I must admit I get a little bit choked up as I think about it.

 You are smart, observant and adventurous.  Willful yes, but also well-behaved.  You are learning to express yourself in healthy ways , and have fewer tantrums and meltdowns.  Although when you do, oh wow…those fits you know how to throw are quite a dramatic sight to behold.

Luckily you and I have been working on communication, and when you feel heard and understood, you do very very well.  I've learned a few things from improving our communication that have actually helped mommy and daddy communicate better too!
 Activities you currently love:  playing outside, tea parties, painting, coloring and other art, playing dollhouse, pushing your baby doll in her baby stroller, walking, running, helping out around the house, doing things all by yourself, getting up on the stepping stool, jumping, somersaults, watching Backyardigans, Wonderpets, Dora, Diego and Blues Clues.

Foods you enjoy: chicken, salmon, fish sticks, turkey bacon, oatmeal, apple sauce, apple juice, plums, bananas, grapes, strawberries, Popsicles, roasted seaweed, beans, rice, macaroni & cheese, turkey burgers, bread (toasted…always toasted), chocolate milk, water (you drink a ton daily), goldfish crackers, string cheese, yogurt, animal crackers, anything that comes with a dipping sauce: including veggies…(thank you Lord!), and treats of any kind.

 You still do the squirrelly face on command, please, do not ever give that up.  :)  You also started saying, "Oh goodness" whenever you fall down or do something clumsy.  It is so adorable.  You say "Hi People" to people on the subway, walking down the street and pretty much anywhere you go.  You sometimes follow that with, "How Doin?"  Another thing that is really cute that you say is, "So yummies!" about anything that tastes good to you.

You made Daddy's day last Friday when he got home before you were in bed, and you told him, "Daddy, So happy to see you."  He may not admit it to you but it put tears in his eyes.  You sure know how to make your mommy and daddy feel loved.  Speaking of love…you are growing in your relationship with God, "Big Dada" as  you call him, daily.  You pray every night with me and always say your own prayers when I am done.  Sometimes I hold back a little giggle when you pray that God would help you to use the stepping stool to get something that is just out of your reach.  Such a sweet innocence.
Darling Zion, Daddy and I are so proud of the little girl you are.  We are blessed beyond measure…so grateful to God for letting us share life with you every day.  I would ask you to slow down a bit, but I know it will do no good.  You are soaring.  You are beautiful and sweet and kind and funny.  Pure joy.

We love you so much.


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