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Tuesday, March 27

Home Management Made Simple! Featuring the Lovely {Imprintalish}

Hello again Baxtron{Life} readers!!! I'm pretty excited to be back today and sharing with you something that has made me a new woman! You see, the winter blues hit me hard in February and I have been slowly trying to motivate myself back to where I used to be. The beautiful weather we've been having these last few weeks was a tremendous help, but the main thing that has been keeping me on my toes is my new Home Management Binder that I put together. It has been a lifesaver, I'm not sure how I got anything done without it! Well, maybe that's the point...I didn't!
Meet my Home Management Binder!!!
I started with this beautiful textured turquoise binder (it came with the colorful tabs too!) from the Martha Stewart line, ya I splurged, and buying pretty things always makes me feel better! LOL! I also stocked up on some paper, ink for my printer, some clear page covers and a couple clear pocket dividers too...
...and a 3-hole punch! I can't believe I didn't own one of these-so fun!
The first tab is the most used. It's our go to calender with everything from a to-do list, to meal plans, to kids schedules. I saw this one over at A Bowl Full of Lemons and I find it works well for us right now, we don't really have crazy busy schedules....Once the kids get into school and activities though, I'm sure we'll need to upgrade to a bigger 'system', but right now this one is perfect!
The next tab is equally important to me! My Blogging To Do's!! I had a smaller notebook that I used to keep track of everything in, but as my blog grew, it just wasn't working for me anymore. Now, I can see everything at once, my main calender is on the left, which is where I keep track of when my posts are scheduled. All of my Sponsors are listed at the bottom and I can check them off as I get their Ads. I originally got this idea from The Letter 4, but came up with my own take on it, as I needed a bigger calender and smaller Sponsor section. On the right  side of my binder is where I keep track of everything else...Guest Posts, Giveaways, Ideas…

Oh and, just in case you like them...I made them available so you can download them for FREE!!!! :D

Blog Calender:

Blog To Do List:
The next tab is where I keep track of all the daily cleaning that needs to be done and groceries that are needed. I love these lists that came from Simple Mom and what's really cool is that I covered each page with a clear page cover and now I use it as a dry erase board. So I can check off what I need and then wipe it away!!
The grocery one is here and the cleaning list is here.
And the last tab is where I inserted this handy dandy clear pocket system-for Coupons!!! I labeled a section for Kids, Grocery/Household and Beauty. This may be a little small for some of you Coupon Queens, but again, it's just perfect for me!

Well, that's it! That is how I stay on top of things and make sure my life runs as smoothly as it can with a husband and two very busy little boys! How do you keep organized? Do you have a special system for staying sane? I'd love to hear it...come on over to my blog, Imprintalish and say hi!


  1. Kristina TorrejonMarch 27, 2012

    great tips! I'm excited to implement some of them! :)

  2. Great organization.  I have found that I keep a lot of my blog organizing stuff in Google Docs, but It's not as pretty and fun as a colorful binder!  That stuff makes me giddy :)

  3. wow, i'm super impressed! I love the Martha products too :)

  4. I have been working on something like this too!


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