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Friday, March 9

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First, I just had to share this adorable video that my sister (who is in Nursing school right now) put together for a project during her Labor & Delivery rotation.  Any pregnant woman/mom will appreciate this.  

I love this tutorial on how to create a faux bob.  

A site to clip all of your favorite items that you want to buy, with prices/price-tracking?  Yes, please!

Do you live in NYC?  I'm going to my first ever Shecky's Girl's Night Out this weekend, want to meet up?

I'm super proud of this lady for rocking her goals this week.  And this one for taking some time out to simplify.

I really want to buy this book by Donald Miller.  It tells his story about making his life story a better story to tell.  Check out this review for more about it.

Is it worth it to sign up for this site?  Or is it a copycat of Pinterest?

Are you in a Picnik panic?  Check out these sites: here, here and here for your free photo-editing needs!  **Update: I was kindly notified by some ex-Picnik developers that they have formed a group and are actively building a replacement! Go them!  Make sure you sign up on their site PicMonkey to be notified when it is ready to go!**

Recently I talked about sharing more music that I'm liking, so here is a group called Stateless that I recently discovered:

Miles To Go


Have a great weekend everyone!

P.S. Linking these songs to Songs That Make Us Sing Saturdays!


  1. Rebecca RouseMarch 09, 2012

    Very cute video from your sister - I laughed the whole way through!  Sounds like you have a fun weekend planed enjoy! Happy friday!

  2. Love this! Thanks for the Picnik alternatives! I am freaking out about them closing!

  3. I have your 11 questions up today :)

  4. Kristina TorrejonMarch 09, 2012

    yay for PicMonkey :) 

  5. JustanothermomoftwinsMarch 10, 2012

    I like the song choices...very deep, almost dark (in a good way though...LOL).  Thanks for linking up!  Have a great weekend!

  6. Sorry it has taken me so long to link up! I've been wanting to share some music for a while. By the way the coding for your badge is off…the href link doesn't go to anything! :)


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