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Thursday, March 15

Muffintop Meltdown {v.11} Ouch!

Progress! Points! & Looking Forward:

Chest: 34"
Arms: 11.5"
Waist: 27" (-.5")
Hips/Butt: 39" (-1.5")
Thighs: 22" (-.5")
Muffintop: 32" (-.5") So close to being gone forevs!
Weight Lost Since Last Weigh-in: 0!! Finally hit that plateau!
Total Weight Lost: 18 pounds
Inches Lost This Week: 3.5!!
Total Inches Lost: 28 inches

Points Earned:

This Week: 60
Points Balance: 137

I am so sore.  And tired. I always know that I've had a great workout when it hurts to sit on the toilet seat.  Oh the pain of daily workouts with Jillian Michaels.  This lady knows what she is doing!  It isn't helping that Zion has been waking up in the middle of the night lately and I'm getting fragmented sleep which cannot be great for muscle recovery.  Today is day five of the 30 day program and tomorrow I'll be adding a little more intensity by using weights.  (I started by just using body weight to get the hang of things).  

Today I thought I'd share with you a couple of the things I want when I get to my ideal weight, and feel confident enough:

 The first thing I want and will need is an updated wardrobe.  Yesterday I bought a new pair of jeans a size smaller than I've been wearing.  I realize it will soon be time to get smaller shirts too.  Most of all though, I really want to buy clothes that I love, that really represent my style.  I think when I've reached my goal, I'm going to be honest about my closet…you will see that I've been stuck in wearing things that have either been given to me or are just simple and plain because I didn't want to buy anything until I reached my goal.  I can't wait for my big shopping date…I'm believing it will be right before my 4 year wedding anniversary! :)
I've been wanting to do a few crazy and fun things to my hair, but have always worked in a corporate environment…that is until becoming a stay-at-home mom.  I am by all means a wild colored hair, nose piercing type of girl, but because of forced conservatism I've not had the opportunity to break out of the doldrums.  This is going to change.  I feel like I can only pull off the look I want at my ideal weight.  So, unless I get there, the extreme makeover - mama gone wild edition will have to wait!

What rewards are motivating you to stay on track with your goals?

This Week:

I'm proud of these choices:

I've been getting up every morning and doing the 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels (and my hubby!)
Not really by choice, but I've been drinking way less coffee since I started working out.

I'd like to work more on:

Eating at the scheduled times: I've been slacking on eating in the first hour upon waking, plus not consistently eating every 2-3 hours! 

I totally cheated when:

I've been cheating a bit, but wait, it isn't what you think.  I have had more calories than I would if I was just sticking to the plan, but they have been good calories: extra veggies, a bit more lean protein.
Okay, I confess I did have a few bites of coconut ice cream at lunch on Sunday…but I promise…it was less than 1/4 cup!

How did you do this week?

Want to catch up on my weight loss journey?


  1. You are amazing, you are. :) This has been so much fun to follow.

  2. Why thank you, very very much! :)

  3. Keep up the hard work, mama! Jillian is a tough gal. My favorite is "the neck is not invited to this party!". And the sitting on the toilet seat is the worst!! But at least you know it working, right?

  4. Kristina TorrejonMarch 15, 2012

    can't wait to see that hair!! :) You're doing so great!! 

  5. I have the 30 day shred dvd on my shelf. Scared and a bit excited to start it...just have to finish this cleanse I'm on and then I'm gonna do it!!!!!! I love hearing about your's very motivating :)

  6. I love that too. I love when she says "If you are looking for the modified version….there is none."

  7. :) It will definitely be a fun transformation!

  8. Yay! I can't wait for you to start and hear how you like it! :)

  9. Youa re doing awesome girl! Keep up the good work. I am stuck, plateaued. :( I need to change something up so I can beat the mark. I may go buy this video you are using and use that at night!

  10. I definitely recommend lady! Its intense and doing it every day I'm noticing so much more strength and endurance each day. I've stopped being bothered by the soreness and am just motivated to do the full 30 days. Think I may do P90x after this! :)


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