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Tuesday, March 20

The Verdict {Somme Institute MDT5 Review}

About six weeks ago, I was graciously contacted by a representative from the Somme Institute asking if I'd like to do a full trial of their MDT5 5-Step Skincare Regimen.  They had heard of my BeautyMint debacle and believed they could help my skin recover from its bad reaction and even help with my desire to reduce my fine lines (forehead), even out my skin tone (red red red cheeks)..and have overall healthier, more beautiful, skin.

You guys, I have been dying to share the results of this trial with you…get ready to be AMAZED!

First, let's talk about claims:

In case you have forgotten where I began with my little search for a great skincare line, let's start with my before picture.  This picture were taken just after I discontinued use of BeautyMint.  You can see redness, irritation, bumps, big pores, breakout action and of course…those measly fine lines that have been bothering me!

I started my trial of the MDT5 regimen shortly after arriving in Texas last month.  Almost immediately following the first couple of uses of the product, I could tell the texture of my skin was improving.  

Let's chat about the actual products in the regimen for a minute:

After about two weeks of using the products I was already starting to notice a huge improvement in the all around texture and appearance of my skin.  The redness was starting to fade and my skin was looking clearer, softer and more youthful.
As you can tell in the pictures, my skin looks much softer and way more even-toned.  That big blemish on my chin completely vanished with no scarring as well.  

I got in touch, with my contact at Somme, once early on because I had been experiencing a little dryness around my nose, a problem I've experienced before.  Being that it was cold and I was in a different climate, the representative and I agreed that it would probably go away with a little Aquaphor applied at bedtime.  I also found that making sure I didn't use the Transport pads around that area of my nose helped greatly, and since being back in New York I haven't encountered any dryness in that area.

Are you ready for the big reveal?  Here is my after picture:
I am thrilled with the results of using Somme Institute's MDT5 5 Step Regimen.  

Here is what I've noticed after six weeks of use:
My skin is softer, tighter, and more even.
My pores have shrunk noticeably.
The redness (possibly mild Rosacea) has improved dramatically.
The fine lines in my forehead as well as around my eyes are visibly smoother, and less noticeable.
I haven't had a single breakout in six weeks (even around that time of the month…not a single pimple!)

Here are a few remarkable comparison shots to really show you how noticeably different my skin is:
One of the more shocking before and after shots is seeing the difference in Infrared imaging.  One of the claims of the MDT5 Regimen is the ability to actually reverse and repair sun damage…you can see a significant difference in my before and after pictures here:
**A note on the infrared images - these images are completely my own amateur attempt at using an infrared filter on my camera.**

Lastly, this review wouldn't be complete without showing you how incredibly healthy (and different) my skin looks even with make-up on.  I honestly feel as though I've turned back the clock on my skin.

 There are a couple of last things I'd like to share about the skincare line that I feel are important to note if you are considering trying this amazing regimen.

First, because of the highly concentrated levels of Vitamin A in the product line, this regimen cannot be safely used during pregnancy.  

And second, as an individual becoming more progressively concerned with the chemicals I am exposed to in my day to day life, both in food and other commodities, I made sure to check on EWG's Skin Deep website to evaluate this product line.  The 5 Step Regimen has a safety rating of 4 which is a low moderate risk.  (The scale is 0-9, Zero being no risk, 9 being high risk.)  

I really love that the Somme Institute is a progressive thinking company as well, and they are already at work to reduce their rating even more by reformulating their line to eliminate as many unnecessary chemicals as possible.

So, what do you think about the results!?  Are you as amazed as I am!?

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I received complimentary products for this review, however; all opinions and view expressed are my own.
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  1. Oh wow...that is awesome!!!!! You look fabulous! I almost want to reach out and touch your face, LOL....I get red blotchy marks on my face all the time and I have dry skin-pain in the butt finding something that works-I'll have to check this out :)

  2. Wow, I want this. I'm totally jelly of your skin, mama! Even the before pics! lol

  3. Amazing! I'm so glad you found products and a regime that work. 

  4. You look radiant! Amazing results! What a wonderfully thorough review!

  5. Tierney @ The Preppy LeopardOctober 15, 2012

    I had a similar experience with Beauty Mint--my skin broke out horribly after the first two weeks! A real lifesaver has been kind of pricey, but totally worth. I started a series of chemical peels, and it's like night and day difference!

  6. Yeah, BeautyMint was a huge disappointment! I'm getting excited for Somme's re-launch coming soon. What chemical peels do you use?


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