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Saturday, March 24

The Wrap {3.24.12}

 The weather has been beautiful! We explored new playgrounds.
 Been grilling more and more!
 Zion has entered the climbing/daredevil phase.
 Still getting the hang of painting…lets just say black is her favorite color.
 Headed to Ikea to start fantasizing about some upcoming purchases:
1.  Love this area rug (we have red couches)--but hubs hates it
2.  New bed frame (first purchase to be made)
3.  Outdoor furniture set…hoping to have many a gathering this summer
4.  Kitchen countertop table…need more space there
5.  New desk set-up
6.  Dining room table that seats up to 8
7.  Bookshelves
8.  A little desk/table for Zion
 Zion loves car-rides so much!  :)  Hanging with Ms Sasha!
The blossoms are out and they are just stunning!
 First time playing in the sand for Zion…she was mesmerized.
Hubs got off work early so we hit up a local pizzeria we've been wanting to try.  Didn't disappoint!

How was your week!?


  1. Kristina TorrejonMarch 25, 2012

    Looks like a good week! :) Is that Antika? So good!! :)

  2. Yes!!! We finally made it there…delish!!

  3. Gosh Dang that pizza looks good! I love your fun picnic collages and Zion is such a cutie pie!!


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