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Saturday, April 14


 We had a mini egg hunt at our home before breakfast.
I was so happy to find a chocolate cross to give Zion instead of bunny.
 In case you missed the haircut post…Zion had her first haircut!!  So much fun.
 I took Zion on a mommy-daughter date to the Central Park Zoo. 
Didn't take any pics with animals (impossible without a stroller)!
She loved her chicken strips and french fries.
Hubs gave me the afternoon off and I headed out for some retail therapy.
Decided to try some different looks on my skinnier body.
Should've nabbed the entire upper right outfit, but it would have blown my budget.
Instead left home with a pair of size 6 black jeans. 
(Smallest size I've worn since high school!)


  1. I agree about that upper right outfit. Super cute and looks great on you.

  2. I am dying over that top right outfit need to save up for that! You look amazing too...:)

  3. Becc WoolmerApril 15, 2012

    Love the top right outfit - those jeans are awesome! Gorgeous colours on you :)

  4. I'm seriously kicking myself in the butt for not getting it! (But not sure Hubby would've appreciated me spending the money!)

  5. I know, right!? I wish I would have had an extra $40 on me at the time!

  6. I'm with you on that…the jeans are awesome (and were the last pair of that color…oh why didn't I grab them!)


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