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Saturday, April 14


 Decided to surprise Zion with a first visit to Chuck E. Cheese.
Most of the games were busted (seriously! ugh!) but we did get complimentary cotton candy.
These pictures were taken moments before a colossal toddler meltdown.
Note to self: cotton candy + toddler = bad idea.
 I went on a massive Ikea run on Friday.  
We (meaning my my husby really) hustled to put together our new dining table.  
Just in time for our traditional Passover dinner.
 We headed out to grab a few things downtown.  
We introduced Zion to Gray's Papaya on the Upper West Side.  
Can you say love at first bite?
The new additions:  Table & Chairs, Bed Frame & Linens, Toddler Bed & Linens!
We are loving having family meals at our table,  
enjoying sleeping above ground level,
but not so much transition from crib to big girl bed.
(A subject for an entirely different post!)


  1. Awww..I'm excited to introduce Brixton to cotton candy..or I should say I WAS!!  :)

  2. You never know…it could go better for you than for me!


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