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Tuesday, April 17

Groupstance / Mom Central Station:
{Moms You Trust + Experts = Best Recommendations}

Hey Mamas!  I am so enthused to share with you today!!  Mom Central Station is a unique project I've had the awesome privilege of contributing to over the last several weeks as a part of their NYC Advisory Board!  Watch this quick video, and see if you relate:

Starting April 29th, for ten weeks, 1000 New York City Mamas are going to have the awesome opportunity to contribute and collect recommendations specific to ten themes:

Have you ever searched reviews on Yelp, asked a question via Google, or sought help finding something via Facebook or Twitter?

While these sources are full of information, it can take hours to sort through them to find what you are actually looking for, and then, how do you know that you've found a reliable source or information?

Mom Central Station changes everything!  You connect with other Moms and experts that you trust, to ask for specific recommendations or information that you are seeking.  Likewise, you can help other moms in your network by providing your own recommendations and suggestions to their specific requests!

Imagine having a couple of friends from your weekly play group, a couple of mom bloggers you are fond of, a few church friends and then a couple well known experts all connected to you and able to give you specific information when you ask a question! 

And even better, the information is kept private and secure…only exchanged between you and those you chose to include in your request. 

Perhaps best of all, the information and recommendations you gather are stored for you, so you can access them any time you want or need to, in a very modern, streamlined database.

Did I mention that Mom Central Station is completely free to use?

Sounds amazing doesn't it!!!  If you are a NYC Mom, I highly encourage you get involved with this event!  Sign-up now to reserve your spot!!  The event is exclusively by referral, so make sure you tell them I sent you!


  1. spiritmindandbodyApril 17, 2012

    Sounds amazing!  Wish we had something like that for KY.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! 

  2. Marcia! From what I hear NYC is just the first on the list…so I'm sure we'll make it your way eventually! XO


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