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Friday, April 27

{Hate Love Your Body}

This month, 
I asked my lovelies to 
their favorite body part, 
or feature.

Throughout this post,
you will see 
their beautiful eyes,
long flowing hair,
and even an adorable button nose.

What you won't see
is the words that several used
to describe their current
with accepting their bodies.

For most of my life
I have struggled
with my body image.

I have struggled
with measuring up
to what I believed was 
often based on
 the culture of the moment.

I've always been 
about my long nose,
rosy red cheeks
my long second toes.

No matter what I've weighed,
or even what size I've worn,
I've looked into the mirror
and often felt

Where does this devaluation come from?

I can look at society,
and I can 
point the blame.

What would that really solve?


We have it all…

Our culture tells us to first:
be skinnier,
be more fashionable,
be this skin color or that,
follow this trend,
buy this brand,
do this,
and definitely,
don't do that
then we will
feel good
about ourselves.

And we've believed them.

They tell us to
change first,
then we will love
our body.

But does that work?

Do you really spend time
taking care of the things in your life
that you don't

Challenge yourself to
thinking that
changing yourself
will result in
finally loving yourself.

thinking that
loving yourself 
will give you
the motivation to
make positive changes.

I've lost 28 pounds in the last four months.  
I now can say 
"I am no longer overweight"
but I'm not yet happy
with my body.  

When I look in the mirror, 
I still don't see a skinny person.  
I still struggle to see 
an acceptable version of myself.  

Some people say that 
your mind has a way of 
protecting you emotionally, 
especially after a significant weight loss, 
just in case 
you were to pack the pounds 
right back on.  

Some days I feel 
than I felt weeks ago.  

In searching for the root cause 
of my inability to accept and enjoy where I've gotten, 
I realized that I have to 
first love and accept my body
 to see myself 
the way I truly am.


Let us start choosing to 
our bodies,
to value the gift and function
of each and every

And in loving them 
how they are now,
let us watch as
we begin to take better care,
and see ourselves
how we've always wanted 
to be seen.

I'm starting with
my nose,
and ending with
my toes.


  1. Kristina TorrejonApril 27, 2012

    simply beautiful! :) xoxo

  2. First of all Courtney, congrats to you for losing 28 pounds! That's amazing!
    Second, you are STUNNING. You look like a ballerina in the pictures with your hair slicked back and perfect, well, flawless skin. I appreciate your words of wisdom, it's really important to have enough confidence with your body that you don't cripple under the pressure to be thin and beautiful in our society. Starting with just one feature that you love and being grateful for it is a wonderful lesson...

    Have a great weekend! 

  3. Thanks for your sweet comments. :) And you have a great weekend as well! XO

  4. I've long struggled with a poor self image. I do have a favorite body part, my legs! I wish I could say I like the rest of me as much, but I'm a work in progress and improving that a bit at a time. (I have long second toes too, by the way! I say they're a sign of intelligence!) Thank you for writing such a personal, heartfelt post.

  5. Elise dearApril 27, 2012

    pretty lady! what a huge accomplishment!


  6. I have become way more aware of this now that I have 2 daughters :) 

  7. Congratulations on losing all that weight!  You look great!

  8. Dude!! So many beautiful woman. And I hope that we struggle less for ideals and more for happy and healthy! You look amazing, be proud!!!PS. My second toe is longer too. Helps us cling to scrappy heels better ;)

  9. Congrats on losing that much weight!  It's definitely no easy task, and you did it.
    On most days, I feel insecure about the way I look.  Your post is a friendly reminder to just love oneself.  Then, we begin to see the beauty we had all along.  This attitude we will eventually pass on to our kids.

  10. I definitely think about body image in terms of how it will effect my daughter.

  11. Carla KaramApril 28, 2012

    Courtney... first off... congrats on a job well done!! YOU DID IT!!... secondly... this is your best post yet!!  So beautifully written, so matter of fact... so well said.. Thank you!!  It was motivating in itself.  Home Run!!  Blessings

  12. This is a great post Courtney! Funy how we all choose 'features' on our bodies...not' parts'...just kind of emphasizes what your saying in your post.

    Have a great weekend!

  13. I thought the same thing! Have a great weekend too!! :)

  14. Mommy LaDy ClubApril 28, 2012

    I think you do get better with age on this.  I had a lot more insecurities younger, and it just goes away as I get older.  With more experience in life, you get more confidence I think.  My favorite part of new grey hair...I've earned it!;)

  15. CrazedinthekitchenApril 28, 2012

    I love this post and its message. I will never forget the day when I was 14 years old and I looked in the mirror to confirm what someone had told me--that my ears stick out. About 20 years of no-ponytails followed, because I was (and still am, to some degree) embarrassed of my ears. Having kids has made me have to push some of my body issues below the surface. It's not that they're not there, I just have to pretend that they're not so I don't teach them to my kids. Starting a mommy and me swim class with my toddler almost sent me off the deep end (bad pun!), but now I pull on my swimsuit (and board shorts, come on--a woman has her limits even if her butt doesn't) twice a week even though I don't love what I see. Thank you for this!

  16. I hope I have silver hair when I'm older! If not, I'll probably dye it that color, lol! Thanks for your comments, its good to know that we gain surer footing as we get older!

  17. Thank you so much for your comments. Its crazy the impact of the "other voices" in our lives, but we can't stop their…we also have to be aware of what we say about ourselves. XO

  18. craig heffordNovember 13, 2012

    you look AMAZING..........and long toes as well. wot more could a man ask for x Crag,s x.

  19. I wanted to comment that I think you are very pretty lady, and you have very pretty toes, always feel proud to show them off!


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